5 SCARY Ghost Videos That Will CREEP YOU OUT
Top 5 SCARY videos of GHOSTS caught on camera, including some CRAZY TikTok ghosts! So this week in "scary videos", we have scary Japanese ghost videos, a scary TikTok ghost video of a poltergeist, a shadow figure in a haunted place, a creepy ghost and a full apparition caught by a ghost hunter in an abandoned building, and a Russian ghost hunter conducting a paranormal investigation finds scary paranormal activity in a haunted house. So... basically alot of ghost hunters in haunted places :)
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  • gettingolderwithgrace graham
    gettingolderwithgrace graham

    The last parts fake, or there was person living there

  • gettingolderwithgrace graham
    gettingolderwithgrace graham

    When I saw that shadow in the carpet baggers video. Wow creepy. The Japanese video, look on the stairs after he opens the window.

  • Mert Gul
    Mert Gul

    The TikTok video and DDoch Micol's video are so stupid that even my 1 y.o nephew would not believe that there is a ghost or spirit. They are only cheap production movies.

  • The Latiator
    The Latiator

    Dude, I've been in the Titanic museum. I've never known it was haunted.

  • Mr. Potato Gaming
    Mr. Potato Gaming


  • Kesaven Alpha
    Kesaven Alpha

    In the whole exploration of Micol, he seem to be alone and the girl opperation look like it appear only on the camera as no shadow appear on the wall while it passed in front of the flashlight.

  • isma kurdo
    isma kurdo

    i saw shadow

  • graham Staunton
    graham Staunton


  • Thomas Norfolk
    Thomas Norfolk

    All I Hear A Random Places I Go Pretty Creepy 0:06

  • Silas Davidson
    Silas Davidson

    Not to chill you out but that was just a long arm going off that one video it's not real

  • Torri Tucker
    Torri Tucker

    2:16 black shadow coming up hallway to the right in titanic.4:02 spirit sitting in step right of pole. 4:33 the spirit is behind the man with face faded out. Pause it you will see it, it’s a boy. Camera pans away and goes back and it’s gone.

  • Bailey Xavier
    Bailey Xavier

    Everyone gangster until the accordian in the corner of the room starts playing CCNC's Everybody Dance Now on its own

  • Alecia Blaylock
    Alecia Blaylock

    If you seen by the door it’s a black thing right there

  • Jason Brett
    Jason Brett

    I live by a graveyard and looking out the window creeps me out as i saw a shadow figure staring at my family when they where sleeping I ran from my life but it had no face but it was a child with red eyes that wants me to leave but the next night it poured hot water on my leg straight from the kettle i have seen shadows but not like that though.

  • Milanj Fleming
    Milanj Fleming

    This is why don't mess with haunted stuff this is what you get when you mess with that stuff

  • Maryam Qasim
    Maryam Qasim

    Fun fact: playing the ouiji board is when u are literally calling the jinns or ghost to come to ur house soo that's why harry is having some weird things going on

  • BaazovLP

    ghost in japam:im'a hunt you and kill you ghost in russia:you broght the vodka?start the music!

  • Naomi V
    Naomi V

    2:48 is this a soundborad or somthing its identicle in every video

  • Ms Muninn
    Ms Muninn

    Not sure if anyone answered your question about what the guy was throwing in the Korean video. I believe it might have been red beans he was yeeting around the room. Folklore is that evil spirits hate red beans ... so... could be that he was trying to piss the spirit off?

  • Natalia Bennett
    Natalia Bennett

    Yo its moving like a muppet lets be real here.

    • Natalia Bennett
      Natalia Bennett

      At 18:54

  • TryN2Think

    @10:50 I believe this is 100% absolute proof that real ghost's pull furniture over with strings.

  • Matt Lipnick
    Matt Lipnick

    Yeah that dude with the second last video definitely had a mannequin for the elaborate hoax

  • ???

    you found a wild red stool!

  • Darby Baughn
    Darby Baughn

    I don't know why I still watch this channel. I love it, don't get me wrong, but I always end up overly paranoid when I do!

  • Brenf66

    Ddoch Micol needs to get his creepy long nailed Skyrim hand out of EVERY SINGLE SHOT of his video. Fuck the ghosts, get some nail trimmers...

  • Swilly Billy
    Swilly Billy

    Harry listens to tick tock users. Listens to armchair idiots.

  • bukan gue
    bukan gue

    you should call help from Indonesian exorcists, they can expel those spirits away or maybe burn them. maybe.

  • Marco Juander
    Marco Juander

    You can use salt for them not to cross or enter a house that’s how it works as what I’ve been experience when I was young .

  • Louis Abrams
    Louis Abrams

    In #2, the old abandoned apartments, that guy's probably being haunted bcs he's haunting the apartments with those SCARY SOCKS AND SHOES...not to mention those KNOBBY KNEES!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!

  • Charlie J. Mac
    Charlie J. Mac

    this could be wierd... but the according notes... were they playing the jaws theme?

  • Ross Lemon
    Ross Lemon

    You probably didn't hear it but it sounded like a little girl whispered something at 14:58.

  • That Life Supply
    That Life Supply

    The face peeking right in front f the camera video i think is set up there was so many angles that wasnt shown where people could have been hiding to make it seem like a spirit is making it push cabnits and move the stool and such. the ending gaave it away fr rfr

  • Roy Meston
    Roy Meston

    The Russian one is fake. There are clearly two or more living people in that house, you see their shadows multiple times and he wouldn't need a mask if he was alone

  • chaosgoettin

    the last one: I don't know why he is so freaked out. He seen worse (if he's the guy that was in that witch'es house and had a poltergeist trying to stab him. twice.). They are pretty friendly, just pulling a leg or two. Would have asked if they could move on when the house is demolished and the land blessed again. and also asked if I could take some of the things in the house to help make that happen asap. I mean, the painting, hello?

  • Zertik

    5:10 Fake there are color

  • ghost surfer
    ghost surfer

    why didnt all people in their houses just turn the lights on?

  • ghost surfer
    ghost surfer

    the japanese one is fake, it is same as the CGI effect used in many japanese movies

  • Zena Williams
    Zena Williams


  • Beau Pomranky
    Beau Pomranky

    In the ziplock bag was sea salt a common practice to deter spirits

  • Fuerza Fuerza
    Fuerza Fuerza

    They are red beans, they believed that throwing that at the spirits, they will go away.

  • Matthew Neufer
    Matthew Neufer

    Michael is fake

  • Mumu Maxima
    Mumu Maxima

    Here in Japan, schools have project assignment creating a horror movie project. Some of their amateur videos I’ve seen on YT. So I suggest not to easily believe on them

  • Sean Venter
    Sean Venter

    I love the Titanic ghost. Seems to have been conscience of Covid that the ghost also wears a mask. lol

  • ZeHeL

    You knew it's a Japanese video when it is blurred...kimuchi. 😂

  • Udines Boucher
    Udines Boucher

    I came back after a while not watching Nuke, but are there more ads on his videos?

  • Sun Kwon
    Sun Kwon

    What the Korean ghost hunter tossed from the bag are rice grains. Supposedly it was supposed to scare the spirits away.

  • Phil Tennant
    Phil Tennant

    Why do all the ghosts in Asian haunted videos look like the girl from The Ring? Wet looking, long, tangled black hair hanging over a pale face. Makes me suspicious.

  • Uncle Benny
    Uncle Benny

    Crystal meth in the plastic bags

  • Brandon Stephens
    Brandon Stephens

    *Plays with a Ouiji Board. Is shocked when weird stuff starts happening around house.

  • Wargamer116

    Ding dong

  • Tea Time
    Tea Time

    Why are we so quick to assume the spirits don’t want us there? What if they just weren’t expecting company?🙄

  • Valerie Honings
    Valerie Honings

    Can't it just b torn down???

  • Bad Boy
    Bad Boy

    The DDochMicol clip must be fake the way he is acting( inspecting the Chair instead of looking what pulled the Chair and stuff like that.... and the Face who is looking into the Camera and Flashlight must have thrown a Shadow(u can see some part of the Hair from the face are in the in light and that should have made a Shadow what DDochMicol should have noticed...

  • Joseph Whitt
    Joseph Whitt

    Ghost uses wackiest instrument for terror 😆

  • Joseph Whitt
    Joseph Whitt

    Al Snow with Head!!!!

  • Arcane

    17:50 a little different, Indians use musterd seeds to repel ghosts and spirits.

  • Joe Gartner
    Joe Gartner

    I went to the titanic museum on July 4th of 2020

  • Denise Dorsey
    Denise Dorsey

    The last video. Freaky!!!

  • Denise Dorsey
    Denise Dorsey

    Ahh the head next to the camera? A friend with hair in front of their face😉

  • Aldo Rojas
    Aldo Rojas

    2:17 Anybody see almost the same figure that was in 2:54 , at right side coming out from the hall ?

    • Ahmed Almasmari
      Ahmed Almasmari

      nukes hes right but nukes has a sharp eye so maybe it was a Shadow of one of the members

  • de1moon

    I like ghost/demon stuff, but 5 videos in a 30 minute span is to long. My attention span isn't long enough for that.

  • Phillip Riggins
    Phillip Riggins

    My wife and I have been there to the Titanic museum a couple of years ago. We were there during the day and there were quite a few people as well. We really enjoyed our visit 👍

  • Zacrrfraner Frabw
    Zacrrfraner Frabw

    The new PT demo looks dope at 8:50... How many FPS is that?

  • John Shields
    John Shields

    This guy Dennis gets amazing footage, thank you for some scary captures, he has a lot of guys to go to these places, and stay while things are happening, I mean, a shadow goes over to the instrument and starts playing it, that thing takes two hands and quite a bit of strength to move it and make notes. 😬👻

  • Vignesh Sundaresan
    Vignesh Sundaresan

    Ddoch Micol - looks really fake man , to be honest. And how come Ghost looks into the camera and pose bruh !!🤦‍♂️


    2:16 in the right corner u can see the same black figure

  • PsychaChi

    25:00 I mean if this isnt faked this is one of the nicest ghosts I've ever heard and seen. Answers all the questions honestly and I feel if he helps them by getting rid of the house and creating a proper shrine for the burial site they will leave happily and rest. If it is fake.. Damn russian hackers xD

  • PsychaChi

    10:48 thats his dog on the bed btw. Not sure about the other 2 things. Just clearing that up.

  • Julie Russell
    Julie Russell

    8:16 why don't folk have a light switch for their basement and stairs at the TOP ?

  • Советский Мемер
    Советский Мемер

    Nobody: Russian according ghost: Калинка сука

  • Ahmed Almasmari
    Ahmed Almasmari

    2:11 broo ya do you guys see that on the right

  • Gibbyson

    I love the titanic!

  • Ahmed Almasmari
    Ahmed Almasmari

    18:05 brooooo nukes my man you scared the spirits out of me

  • mrbone ahmah
    mrbone ahmah

    Other people : wut things... Why he throw it!! Malaysian people : throw red bean... Confirm "toyol" korean version because malaysia "toyol" like green bean.... Wahahhahaha

  • Tritt Smith
    Tritt Smith

    17:15 it's probably powdered bones. Invoking the spirit. Us navajos use wood ashes to keep the bad stuff away, but I've heard some witches use bones to bring bad spirits and use the dark powers within. Idk just a theory on the powdered stuff that guy has

  • Texass Savage
    Texass Savage

    If it's on tik tok it's fake and edited

  • Kellie Franklin
    Kellie Franklin

    Seeing those pink slippers like that took my breath away, just like it did his. Why would that person look AT the camera. Wouldn't it be looking at Michael? I kinda don't believe that part

  • Judith Torres
    Judith Torres

    The manniqin one is staged he over acts waste of time and film

  • Laura Vignet
    Laura Vignet

    23:24 are those eyes in the window? they aren't there in the next clip with encounter 2. im confused

  • beckamax

    The footage from Micol in the apartment with the"ghost eye" looking in the camera is so fake. All I can do is laugh 🤣

  • Dane Ciubal
    Dane Ciubal

    The second one is fake. There’s this one japanese show that watches creepy videos sent by the viewers and let the host watch it and “according” to my friend it’s just to scare them and it’s fake. But I don’t know, still i am not quite sure but we watch videos like that many times and it really is eerie and it really seems fake because all of the videos always shows something like for example a white lady or a levitating body and some creepy shits like that.

  • M E
    M E

    In the gate in second class area of titanic museum i think i saw something black got reflected

  • Trisha Mingin
    Trisha Mingin

    Boy the very last one is terrifying!!!!!!😳😳😳😳😳

  • Tragiclusty

    If anyone is wondering why that one korean dude kept holding his arm out that was his way of seeing his surrondings because if you look there is a camera thats recording

  • Rejaynne Kofi
    Rejaynne Kofi

    Oh. My. Gods.😱😱😱😱

  • Rejaynne Kofi
    Rejaynne Kofi

    Nuke. Tops. 5

  • Rejaynne Kofi
    Rejaynne Kofi


  • Rejaynne Kofi
    Rejaynne Kofi

    👻 👻 👻 👻

  • Rejaynne Kofi
    Rejaynne Kofi

    Very scary..... ..

  • bloxygaming


  • BeInUrCenter Tarot and Oracle Reading 444
    BeInUrCenter Tarot and Oracle Reading 444

    Micol is fakeeeee

  • Bluue

    Holy crap!!!!!! The charging up the stairs was fiuuucken scary!!!!

  • Frank Lucia
    Frank Lucia

    at 14-15 the red stool has a string attached on right side

  • Jack Lackovic
    Jack Lackovic

    The stuff he’s throwing is black rice

  • Rachel

    japanese ghosts are the scariest. 😨😱

  • L. Metcalf
    L. Metcalf

    2:15 Black Shadow In The Cut No One Said Any thing

    • Ahmed Almasmari
      Ahmed Almasmari

      wtf you right

  • Kuj

    It hannah somehow she got in the video, she is not looking too well either kinda swaaggggg

  • N R
    N R

    EVERYONE knows dark ghost paranormal + Tim are fake, even disclaimer says that

  • N R
    N R

    this is why guys get paid more. while a girl hides, we need to go and check if that is a ghost or a serial killer.

  • Pam Weese
    Pam Weese

    Koreans believe that red beans and salt ward off evil spirits.