Roman Reigns Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex
WWE superstar Roman Reigns goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex's Joe La Puma at Solefly in Miami and talks wearing Jordans in the ring, admiring Ken Griffey Jr. and having the best sneaker game in wrestling.

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  • Complex

    Who has the best sneaker game in the WWE?

    • Windycity71

      Low key Carmella keeps a fresh pair of 1’s on all the time since back when she won $ in the bank a few years ago

    • Super saiyan Snack
      Super saiyan Snack

      Paul hey man

    • Jaquavious Stevenson
      Jaquavious Stevenson

      Roman, Kofi and Shane

    • i Fizzo
      i Fizzo

      Shane O'Mac!

    • JustSiMoney

      Usos, roman, shane

  • Brandon Ortigoza
    Brandon Ortigoza

    Please someone give me the remix of this entrance song! Wow 🔥🔥

  • darcenex14

    Didn't look too happy when it was time to pay. Lol.

  • Benjamin Netanyahu
    Benjamin Netanyahu

    He is buying shoes to open his own snikers showroom 🤣. BTW mad respect for putting his family first than him ❤️

  • Bianey Roman
    Bianey Roman

    Roman is now flexing new drip

  • Malik Hoff
    Malik Hoff

    Tribal Chief

  • Malik Hoff
    Malik Hoff

    Tribal Chief

  • Malik Hoff
    Malik Hoff

    Acknowledge Him.

  • All Elite Guy
    All Elite Guy

    don't understand the hate on this man. he seems like a chill and a respectable dude.

  • R.A.K.Y official
    R.A.K.Y official

    Lol this guy is going off character men

  • Lt.Sharker

    Roman Reigns just screams Superstar, so glad WWE finally let him be himself instead of trying to be like Cena or The Rock, he seems like a dude who can kick your ass and you can have a beer with

  • JuiceWrldFanpage 999
    JuiceWrldFanpage 999

    Roman Reigns is that guy that goes to the store and buy everybody some snacks in the house not just him

  • Windycity71

    Between him and Shane McMahon keep a fresh pair of J’s on their feet

  • phamgamcam nguyentangam
    phamgamcam nguyentangam

    The gullible gusty bat regionally x-ray because men holly flower as a pretty map. flowery, hard decade

  • NopeSope GloBe
    NopeSope GloBe

    Roman Reigns


    Well it's good to be rich

  • Griselis Ulloa
    Griselis Ulloa

    Ahy dios mío Ami megusta tanto ese hombre odios

  • skidi1001

    Oh i'm speechless, Roman just casually spends 1,5k on shoes that he didn't even try on first 💀

  • skidi1001

    Roman got sum nice shoes and all but if we talk about Kofi, thats a different story. Kofi got dem drippy shoes that match the outfit.

  • Faysal Mursal
    Faysal Mursal

    0:08 That music switch tho


    I love his heel run so much and I like how he bought shoes for his family and gets 3 shoes for his collection

  • Luis Araujo
    Luis Araujo

    At 6:09, can anyone tell me the name of that orange/dark blue nike shoe on Roman's right shoulder?

  • kendal jones
    kendal jones

    What is this song in the intro before romans

  • Will & Jess
    Will & Jess

    "In response to the pandemic, the crew and employees wore masks, as well as Joe and Roman practicing social distancing" -Lower 3rds Title Correction: Joe and Joe practiced social distancing 7:34

  • Mian Allah yar
    Mian Allah yar

    Love you 😘 roman reigns

  • Bin Hussain A. Campong
    Bin Hussain A. Campong

    why roman turn heel😭😭😭

  • jvamustangs

    I feel his pain ,Size 14 here

  • Dewana Filardy_1IA03
    Dewana Filardy_1IA03

    Size 15👍

  • Joseph Sandlin
    Joseph Sandlin

    Roman Reigns: "I'll take em all. Jey, pay the man." Jey Uso: "Wait, say what Uce?"

  • KopyKat81

    The Final Boss!

  • Evans Jakobi
    Evans Jakobi

    Acknowledge him

  • NiceGuy

    wtf?? look at his arms! damn bro!

  • huang jack
    huang jack

    The old ounce emphatically burn because salesman crucially smash against a swanky possibility. spurious, inquisitive jump

  • Bishal Shah
    Bishal Shah

    Roman Reigns looks Outstanding 👌🔥🔥😎

  • Cheryl Smith
    Cheryl Smith

    Ok... The shoes are nice.. But to stand there and talk to Joe/Roman I personally would've miss the whole conversation because my ass would be passed out cold.😂😂😂😂. I just the. LOVE GUY.. I wish my aunt could've beat Leukemia..I miss her a lot...#HEADOFTHETABLE

  • nonoa bukowski
    nonoa bukowski

    Dude should be focusing on something to make him NOT SUCK!!!

  • sonita_ gaming
    sonita_ gaming

    hes a beast

  • Khadijah Iqbal
    Khadijah Iqbal

    That wink tho 🥰

  • Alyssa Lang
    Alyssa Lang

    Roman being babyface he's supposed to be a heel

  • Zion

    The Tribal Chief needs them personalized Head of The Table shoes

  • Magdaleno Hernandez
    Magdaleno Hernandez

    Your tribal chief with the drip

  • Betty Tillis
    Betty Tillis

    Who cares about him

  • Rubina Sunam ranapaheli
    Rubina Sunam ranapaheli

    If u r a big fan of Roman reigns then please drop a like for him🙏🙏❤️❤️

  • Mahamed Ibrahim
    Mahamed Ibrahim

    No way roman reigns 😍

  • Doddith

    Sounds like the Rock too


    roman having to wear xxl shirts coz of his monster sized muscles


    roman in wwe imma whoop your ass roman in real life sure imma help you

  • SUr VeVi
    SUr VeVi

    Does anyone know how this kind of trousers are called that Roman wears?

  • Manthan Kalyan XH
    Manthan Kalyan XH

    Heel Roman 🔥 🔥

  • risath sathurusinha
    risath sathurusinha

    Love this from srilanka 🇱🇰🇱🇰🇱🇰, i am a big fan of roman 🤩🤩

  • Alejandro Peña
    Alejandro Peña

    Jubilee 95? And Hyper Royals 65? Where

  • Manuel Arriaga
    Manuel Arriaga

    Did he really just say nice gifts 😂😂

  • roy dewberry
    roy dewberry

    I don't give a fuck and its obvious u don't I would not b here with any food r self care products that's a fact esta 102 cates drive kaufman texas

  • Prison Mike
    Prison Mike

    He really does have some good taste in sneakers

  • For The Love Of Seattle
    For The Love Of Seattle

    These cost about $3 to 5 bucks to make and they sell them for way more money than they are worth. . .

  • Ricky Thomas
    Ricky Thomas

    This man said six rings 😭😭😭😭

  • Benni Benassi
    Benni Benassi

    Definition of humble bro

  • xxWWE funxx
    xxWWE funxx

    Roman is lopsided in my opinion

  • Jae Hinojosa
    Jae Hinojosa

    wwe goat

  • Efar Galvin
    Efar Galvin

    Guy in red keeps his hand in a pyramid y'all blind,🤦.

  • brandon galdamez
    brandon galdamez

    roman is my fav wwe superstar since 2014 to forever

  • Dynamo Ka bhai
    Dynamo Ka bhai

    Only 1500$

  • Galactic649

    i don't even know who this dude is tbh but it's weird as hell seeing the exact Jordans that I have in the thumbnail (signal blue 1 mid se)

  • music

    @0:32 would have been funny if reigns left without buying anything

  • Joseph Niaz
    Joseph Niaz

    this is very intresting

  • Dhara Patel
    Dhara Patel

    at least he got shoes for his Daughter and Wife!!!

  • angelo townsend
    angelo townsend

    Tribal chief

  • Raji Casas
    Raji Casas

    Please get the Young Bucks and the other sneakerhead guys at AEW

    • Atila Tutkuner
      Atila Tutkuner


  • Alexis Rios
    Alexis Rios

    Happy birthday 🎊🎉🎂

  • Adrian De La Paz
    Adrian De La Paz

    Roman looks lik he woke up went for a jog and forgot he had an interview and just jogged over there

  • Jesus Gomez
    Jesus Gomez

    He sounds just like The Rock!

  • The Underrated Guy
    The Underrated Guy

    The Tribal Chief The Head of the Table Biggest superstar in sports entertainment today Acknowledgme Him!!❤️❤️

  • Aj De Guzman
    Aj De Guzman

    Robert Trujillo

  • Rayshon Coty
    Rayshon Coty

    Any of the will work for you Roman: yeah ill take em all

  • Estela Ankarbåge
    Estela Ankarbåge


  • MC Orange will
    MC Orange will

    I love sneakers I'm a sneaker fan ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • MC Orange will
    MC Orange will

    And the others

  • MC Orange will
    MC Orange will


  • Munna Nayak
    Munna Nayak

    Bharande juta

  • Artist Formerly Known As Just Ray Carson
    Artist Formerly Known As Just Ray Carson

    Here comes The Tribal Chief.

  • Jahred Medina
    Jahred Medina

    Here Come's The Big Dog!!!

  • Black Ice
    Black Ice

    Good deal. Shoe prices was MSRP!

  • Dean Joubert
    Dean Joubert

    Add Eddie Kingston

  • King Blvck Gaming
    King Blvck Gaming

    Tribal Chief🔥

  • Rafsan Fardin
    Rafsan Fardin

    He is looking like john ceena But jonh ceena be can't see me. So how do you know his face resembles mine😂😂😂😂

  • Musical Vibes
    Musical Vibes

    The Big Dog ❤

  • リバティーウォーク

    why does he look like john cena bro LMFAOOOOOOOO

  • Jake From The Tone
    Jake From The Tone

    Wait did he get the roty for 160????

  • Van da Bwoy
    Van da Bwoy

    so nobody's gonna talk abt the smooth roman reigns theme intro😏💯

  • BradAwesomeX

    when i saw roman walking down the stairs with a firious face it was so awesome

  • Klarida Ida
    Klarida Ida


  • Jammy Rapper
    Jammy Rapper

    Go roman💯💯💯💥💥

  • Cojeth Cadieu
    Cojeth Cadieu

    Thé bug dogg

  • DntWasteIt


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    iam not ok but its ok

    HG not

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    iam not ok but its ok

    V v

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    iam not ok but its ok

    Thanks again

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    iam not ok but its ok

    Y b thtwte kol have eynhywt

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    iam not ok but its ok

    Biggest problem thid

  • iam not ok but its ok
    iam not ok but its ok

    This is there anything else

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