Hi flowers!! I recently went on a vacation to Montana with 20 of my favorite influencers!! Hope you guys enjoy this fun snow vlog and Happy Holidays!!💕

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Thank you so much for watching, I love you flowers🌼💞

  • Daisy Marquez
    Daisy Marquez

    Sorry if the music too loud but Happy Holidays flowers!! Love you guys sooo much and give this a thumbs up if y'all want more vlogs!!♥️ p.s Im okay from the fall 😂

    • lory lorenzo
      lory lorenzo

      Daisy where did you get your cute outfit when you went outside and you said that you were craving snow ? Girl tell me !! 😩

    • R

      Love you Daisy! I think you’re a awesome person! Hermosa!! Love you girlie!!!💗

    • Claudia Escamilla
      Claudia Escamilla

      We need the link to this cabin! Tbh

    • Marlene Hernandez
      Marlene Hernandez

      Daisy Marquez MOODDDD

    • Czar

      Love all your videos ! Czar - Alo (@alondradessy) uzmatch.info/it/1ZWpqmvMl9Zsn50/video

  • Flor E
    Flor E

    Anxiously waiting for the next trip!!!

  • TharaniDN TV
    TharaniDN TV

    uzmatch.info/it/2MaXx4_AysxyqXs/video uzmatch.info/it/zZaMz4vYpc-ImY8/video

  • Gabriela Garcia
    Gabriela Garcia

    The spotless cheek retrospectively push because frost antenatally squash over a bumpy bomb. addicted, tremendous slave

  • Kassandra Sandoval
    Kassandra Sandoval

    Hii Daisy

  • boy :l
    boy :l

    I live in Montana!

  • kevin morales
    kevin morales

    When she said she doesn’t know how she fell it was probably because she was fucking drunk

  • Roxanna Luciano
    Roxanna Luciano

    I just noticed alondra and Benny aren’t on the thumb nail

  • Jasmine Valdez
    Jasmine Valdez


  • alyssa rojas
    alyssa rojas

    I'm watching this vlog again & I'm dying just looking at Loui in the cup challenge 🤣🤣🤣

  • Genesis Fuentes
    Genesis Fuentes

    “I can not do henny” 😺me in New York knowing 10-15 year old drink it at links and smoke nic 😹

  • alex gomez
    alex gomez

    7:53 yall catch benny looking at alo hehe

  • Vanessa Van Horn
    Vanessa Van Horn

    I need friends like this

  • Jennifer meza
    Jennifer meza

    Omg @25:17 the way Marcus went to go check on daisy 😭❤️

  • Kandie Martinez
    Kandie Martinez

    2:02 looks like a scene from breaking dawn 😆

  • Kassandra

    Hands down, by far the best trip all of the UZmatch Influencers hosted 🔥 watching this 2021 who else?

  • Amarah Daniella
    Amarah Daniella

    Watching louis reactions in high speed at 11:40 is the funniest part of

  • Yuli Flor
    Yuli Flor

    Ya'll are a vibe i swear 😂

  • Daisy Rodriguez
    Daisy Rodriguez


  • RazorSoft

    Montana? Nice, that’s my homeland! That’s ill that y’all decided to vacay there.

  • emely cruz
    emely cruz

    where r these fits from!!!

  • Passionnément A la folie
    Passionnément A la folie

    This vlog is amaziiinng

  • Ruby

    No one: Louie: banging himself in the table😭😭

  • Gabriela Garcia
    Gabriela Garcia

    good ole pre covid days

  • jess

    omg this was so much fun to watch

  • Honey Moon
    Honey Moon

    I don’t know who any of these ppl are besides Gabriel, Daisy & Louie but I’m fucking loving how it’s all Latino influencers 😻🤗🥰 I wish you all success, love, and $$$$! xoxo

  • Nati Vendrell
    Nati Vendrell

    Daisy at 20:15 "im crazy but im free 👁👄👁"

  • isabell sauceda
    isabell sauceda

    I need to know where to get this Chanel hoodie

  • Summer White
    Summer White

    I’m getting nauseous watching them take all those shots, I woulda been outta there, gotta go🏃🏾‍♀️💨

  • Emily Mendez
    Emily Mendez

    Are you are pretty

  • Emily Mendez
    Emily Mendez

    What are you were the same clothes

  • Selenaa Babess
    Selenaa Babess

    I’m the daisy of my friend group getting everyone to drink 😂😂

  • Wendy Ramirez
    Wendy Ramirez

    Okay but Marcus and Daisy😩♥️

  • Sarahi Solano
    Sarahi Solano

    0:52 why did alondra make a stink face at marcus 😭😭

  • Nadia Valenzuela
    Nadia Valenzuela


  • Adrina Palma
    Adrina Palma

    either way yall finna be old asf in the future and still all be besties and getting LITTT!!!!! and thats on PERIDOTTT

  • AllAboutDreaa

    Ok but daisy and Marcus should date 🥺😍

  • Maria Elisa
    Maria Elisa

    Yo watching all the Montana vlogs again makes me want to live life like this again fuck the rona

  • that one person
    that one person

    You know how they were taking shots and instead of shoot how about shot so Rock 📃✂️ shot

  • Jaylah Valdivia
    Jaylah Valdivia



    Me realizing elsy didn’t drink because she was pregnant🥺

  • Kaylee Aliecia
    Kaylee Aliecia

    Omg Daisy where did you get the pink and white Chanel hoodie 😍

  • Patricia Lema
    Patricia Lema

    And none of them popular and all of them unknown youtubers 😂

    • L X
      L X

      @Amy Velas it's tru though

    • Amy Velas
      Amy Velas

      That’s what you think 🤚🏼

  • Adriana Valenzuela
    Adriana Valenzuela

    damn i love seeing men hype up their girls when drinking. last time i drank I almost got broken up with smh

  • Dulce Guzman
    Dulce Guzman

    one of ur friends has the exact same name as me... Dulce❤️

  • Michelle Aguilar
    Michelle Aguilar

    LOL when Louie starts twerking on the table

  • Gimena Marquez
    Gimena Marquez

    It was hilarious when bramty screamed 😅😅😅😅😅😂😂😂😂

  • Diana Quizhpi
    Diana Quizhpi

    Someone make the time stamps where she’s all over Vic

  • Baneen Al Sudani
    Baneen Al Sudani

    Y’all are my fav 😂❤️❤️

  • alondruh


  • Sister cakes 🧁
    Sister cakes 🧁

    I just realized daisy is my cousin🤣😮 like what please notice me daisy

  • Florencia13 Florencia13
    Florencia13 Florencia13

    I’m surprised they didn’t pop a butt or chichis 😂

  • katie

    hi from montana!!! thank you for giving my state the appreciation it deserves 🥺🥺❤️❤️

    • L X
      L X

      It deserves appreciation but it shouldn't get recognition. Tourists are dumb. )x

  • A S
    A S

    Why tf does Daisy peer pressure people so much.😐

  • Pastel_31

    10:49 OMG

  • Mariana Nino
    Mariana Nino

    23:16 23:15 gabby I’m dead 😂 😂 😆

  • Mariana Nino
    Mariana Nino

    Elsy. Drinking before pregnancy 🤰🏻 😩😂😆💓💓

  • Emma Collins
    Emma Collins

    Honestly kinda suprised that Karen wasn't here.

  • Zareth Coronel
    Zareth Coronel

    No one Literally no one Daisy: I was just craving some snow

  • G4M Frank
    G4M Frank

    Rodger crushing on daisy

  • treana zavala
    treana zavala

    daisy looks like a smol child pouring shots into the cups omg shes so cute i love her😭

  • Sadie Haury
    Sadie Haury

    Where's Les and Alex???

  • Zylashes LLC
    Zylashes LLC

    How did I just realize that she skipped pouring Elsy a shot 👀🤰🏻

  • Alexis Hardison
    Alexis Hardison

    Y'all are young af but smart af. Killed two birds with one stone

  • Alondra Redd
    Alondra Redd

    This was seriously soooo fun to watch!!.💕

  • Annie Mahrdt
    Annie Mahrdt

    This is disgusting. Your parents must be so proud. Clean up your mouth girl. Every time you say the f word you cheapen yourself even more.

    • L X
      L X

      so true

  • Jennifer Medina
    Jennifer Medina

    Laura is me saying “Corre Pendejo”😂😂😂😂 to the baddest PERRA


    This was so much fun to watch! I will deff be doing something like this with my friends

  • leahlotti_999

    OMG Beau killed it!! Lmfao! Y'all are absolute entertainment and love it!!! Xoxoxo

  • LaShantí

    This trip looks super lit 🔥 ❕❕😭😂😂🖤

  • Michelle Grijalva
    Michelle Grijalva

    You and Alondra are Soo vibes 😂💙

  • Melanie

    Lol it’s so interesting to see you guys get fucked up

  • brianna tejeda
    brianna tejeda

    nowww wee knowww why elsy couldn’t drink 😂☺️

  • Brenda Patino
    Brenda Patino

    Reminds me of Michigan this is 4-5months out of the year for us.

  • Wendy Cochran
    Wendy Cochran

    Bramty is sooooooo annoying..... She always wants all the attention on herr.... So annoying

  • Cristine Lucas
    Cristine Lucas

    7:53 even tho Daisy taking the shot we catch Benny slippin on alo

  • Infinity Flores
    Infinity Flores

    This is so freaking awesome I'm over here lmao literally 🤣🤣😂

  • Chelsea K
    Chelsea K

    Here after realizing that not everyone from the Montana trip went to the Miami trip 😕

  • Rush Voorhis Outdoors
    Rush Voorhis Outdoors

    Hell yea!! Can't believe you guys came to my state!! Funny to think that nobody thinks youtubers live in Montana, but we do👍💯 love you guys

  • EsmeNova

    Someone make a list of everyone in the video with time stamps!! Idk who all these ppl are 🤣

  • Sky Wonder
    Sky Wonder

    I like how they talk about the club when it was actually just the basement 😂

  • Angelyn Oandasan
    Angelyn Oandasan

    Someone farted! I smelt that! It was you! Lmfaooooo!!!

  • Tanya Ibarra
    Tanya Ibarra

    omg Love your Chanel hoodie! where did you get it?

  • Ray Squiggz
    Ray Squiggz

    The way that victor grabs Laura’s head when she’s throwing it back is so funny to me 😂

  • PastelFoxin

    Who here lives in Montana?!

  • Alondra Lala
    Alondra Lala

    Where you get your Chanel sweater omg :(((((((

  • Julissa Vergara
    Julissa Vergara


  • Karina Landa-Aguilar
    Karina Landa-Aguilar

    Gabby is the tia chismosa in the back 😂😂😂

  • Chelsea K
    Chelsea K

    16:30 Bramty: Uber will be here in two minutes! Also Bramty: (holds up 5 fingers)

  • linda M.
    linda M.

    in 25:13 that lady looked like she wanted to hurt you because she looked fake drunk dancing you can tell

  • Leslie Enriquez
    Leslie Enriquez

    New drinking game: take a shot every time someone says take a shot

  • Geneva Lopez
    Geneva Lopez

    The end was so funny sledding drunk lol

  • Geneva Lopez
    Geneva Lopez

    Daisy is Super Gorgeous and Beautiful 😍

  • Divine Magiccc
    Divine Magiccc

    Gabby is mood😂

  • Merica Yax
    Merica Yax

    No si entra con los zapatos sucios en la casa 👀😱😮

  • Karyna Fierros
    Karyna Fierros

    I love Louie when y’all are flipping the cups omg😂😂💕

  • Audrey B
    Audrey B

    where did you get the snow boots 🥺🥺

  • Stephanie Gomez
    Stephanie Gomez

    louie is meeee not being 21 and still drinking

  • Adamari Loreto
    Adamari Loreto

    Does anyone know where her Chanel outfit is from??? Not at the Chanel store :((((

  • Haven and Nomi
    Haven and Nomi

    First vid of hers I watch & she stands out lol, not in a bad way... she just speaks differently & has a whole diff vibe from the rest. They look like they all had a blast !!!