FULL FIGHT! Naoya Inoue vs Michael Dasmarinas | Brutal KO 😱

  • Life in UK
    Life in UK

    We want him against Loma, what a great fight would be...

  • Daniel Johnson
    Daniel Johnson

    Respect sky for this. Also a savvy move! the fight will carry on providing revenue.

  • Michael Macleod
    Michael Macleod


  • Anton Zigando
    Anton Zigando

    anyone got the instagram of the owner of that booty at 20:19

  • v1mt0

    Body shot KOs are just the best

  • martygi

    I felt those liver shots myself !

  • Soul

    When is he coming to fight Real fighters?? His amazing, but he hasn't fought anyone good. Yet.

  • Eurasian Kid
    Eurasian Kid

    Inoue vs Mayweather or Crawford !

  • Lee Ann Osburn
    Lee Ann Osburn

    Smith trying his best to promote this guy for future sky box office

  • Jamie Gordon
    Jamie Gordon

    That fight was so bent 🤣🤣

  • Seán

    7:35 Inoue's left hook didn't quite connect but was a beautifully crisp punch.

  • JJF TV
    JJF TV

    The shot of that models arse at then end though...

  • Riva Fussball
    Riva Fussball

    Good prospect can't wait to see him tested

  • Lokizeme

    Floor sounds like we're in predators spectrum mode! 😂

  • Dude

    What was brutal about it?

  • Eternal Gaming
    Eternal Gaming

    Dam the left hook mustve hurt

  • Ninja's Rose
    Ninja's Rose

    Easily top 3 p4p. Devastating power. Has literally everything to his game. Reminds me of a little Triple G, the way he stalks and closes off the ring. He just needs more attention to get his name out there. What a legend!

  • Joseph Baniqued
    Joseph Baniqued

    Pacman decimated Mexicans (bar that last Marques fight), Inoue will be crossing Filipinos... Casemiro next

  • Darren Mcgovern
    Darren Mcgovern

    So that's a tko not a ko bodyshots right so his opponent wasnt knocked out have they changed the meaning in the results in boxing???

  • Sam Warrilow
    Sam Warrilow

    Well I think we all felt that second shot...

  • Khiezer Hussain
    Khiezer Hussain

    From the start of his story I knew he was something special

  • Wayne Spence
    Wayne Spence

    Dasmarinas looks terrified

  • jim h
    jim h

    it’s like watching 2 kids fight

  • Mark Wheeler
    Mark Wheeler

    Makes the ring small doesn’t follow and can bang to both body and head with thudding shots very Golovkin like

  • Albert Salcedo
    Albert Salcedo

    Casimiro na ang sunod na papatumbahin nya ubusin MO mga Maya yabang na Yan inoue

  • Regi Whiting
    Regi Whiting

    "One of the best boxers in the world...". Yes, excluding all of the boxers in the world that weigh more than a half eaten packet of crisps

  • M Asghar
    M Asghar

    6:40 thank me later

  • nickp

    im gonna stop watching sky boxing not because matchroom left but because of skys stupid commentators what plebs.

  • Leon

    Slept on

  • Brian Charles
    Brian Charles

    He's getting better with each fight, very fast, great footwork and punches correctly from the hips like you should. You don't need big muscles to be a power puncher: you need speed/skill/ and positioning - all those things = power.

  • G T
    G T

    I’d rather be in the ring with Fury than Inoue! Those bodyshots looks excruciating 😖

  • Kelvin Kwok
    Kelvin Kwok

    THE MONSTER!! 🔥🔥

  • Will Goodall
    Will Goodall

    This is the difference between a boxer with one punch power and someone like Wilder who only has the one punch power without the technique. Inoue sets everything up perfectly with hands and feet

  • SS85

    Bro that was his lead left that did that damage. Imagine the right

  • Ritual Dance
    Ritual Dance

    It will be interesting to see how many seconds the legendary boxer Casimero, who has the fastest speed in the universe and calls Inoue a turtle, will take to finish his fight against Donaire!

  • Bobby Dumamba
    Bobby Dumamba

    Bakit iyan ang ipina kalaban kay inoue dapat si kuadro alas

  • tau gamma phi
    tau gamma phi

    Halatadong kabado c dasmarinas e, ayaw sumontok patay atras

  • earljohn raquel
    earljohn raquel

    That wasn’t brutal

    • JohnDaWhale3

      That's about as brutal a set of body shots as you'll ever see in this weight class.

  • Thong Kla
    Thong Kla

    สุดยอดมาก.."Tha monster"

  • Fredderick Mendoza
    Fredderick Mendoza

    Wlang bagay.. Takut ang ating pambato..

  • Andrew Deguzman
    Andrew Deguzman

    Mahina pa kulng pa tigas

  • Rodolfo Capariño
    Rodolfo Capariño

    Hindi kondisyon si Dasmariñas.

  • iorizm

    6:56 counter with a hook on the first right jab😂

  • Wave

    I'm a huge Inoue fan, but come on, Dasmarinas is a C level fighter at best. His last opponent had a negative record, idk why he's even in the ring with Inoue and this is coming from a Filipino.

  • eiger Uy
    eiger Uy

    A slugger who is very good in counterpunching is the only good competition for the phenom. If nonito would use it, he can probably win a match against inoue

  • aguss albar
    aguss albar

    The really of Monster Fighter

  • Bernardo Vellapasibi
    Bernardo Vellapasibi

    Casimero you are next .

  • Cj420 Acebes
    Cj420 Acebes

    quadro alas casemiro vs the monster please

  • Virgilio Batucal
    Virgilio Batucal

    ang laban dto kay inoue ay mayweather style. ndi ka pwede mkpgsabayan kc mlakas tlaga suntok nya.

  • Adobo Lolong
    Adobo Lolong

    Tanginang laban yan takot n takot prang dumayo lng...para my pa auppercut...

  • Adobo Lolong
    Adobo Lolong

    Hlatang takot ginya estilo ni...donaire laban nila my pagasa takot...na takt nttranta

  • Jumari Mama
    Jumari Mama

    Innoue is scared of casimero he is not a monster .

  • senni bgon
    senni bgon

    Inoue need to next level weights division. Nobody will beat him on that weight class. Just like Manny.

  • Edwin Clerigo
    Edwin Clerigo

    Ganyan aaboten ni casemiro pag lumaban ki inoue

  • Beda Man
    Beda Man

    Mahina talaga si dasmariñas...sinayang nya lang ang record nya...alam na nya na dihado sya kay Inouie...kaya hindi interested ang laban nya kay Inouie... Inouie is stronger than him...wiser...clever...

  • Lucian Divino
    Lucian Divino

    Can’t wait to see inoue vs casimero fight

    • senni bgon
      senni bgon

      laban nyo alam nla kayan kaya ka nya kaya ikaw nilaban para pandagdag sa panalo nya hehehe

  • Joshua Pajarillo
    Joshua Pajarillo

    I hope Inoue vs Donaire 2 comes soon!

  • Amata Jhay
    Amata Jhay

    Walang power Ang suntok hayssss


    mangdirigma nga piro mamili naman nang kalabanin hindi naman tinanggapa ang hamon ni kwadro alas

  • Wilson Edeg
    Wilson Edeg

    idol can knock out casemero👍🤟


    pag retirohin na yan si dasma

  • Wilson Edeg
    Wilson Edeg

    Your da best fighter enoui

  • Jay Manguilimotan
    Jay Manguilimotan

    No mas

  • Wilson Sanchez
    Wilson Sanchez

    Nku ay no match nman e,s tingin ko may paglalagyan dn c cuadro alas dyan s hapon...

  • Topgyal Tshering Bhutia
    Topgyal Tshering Bhutia

    Great fight. marina was a very very humble person.

  • Meriam Paquibo
    Meriam Paquibo

    Haha ...takbox2 pa

  • Jun Reyes
    Jun Reyes

    Shoutout sa mga pumusta sa itik kontra sa manok...


    from PAYLAY PHILIPPINES hahahahaha gago

  • Nathan Escol
    Nathan Escol

    Fight casimero if you really are a true monster. Everyone was eyeing that match, but you backout. What are you afraid of?😅

  • MR sugar YTC
    MR sugar YTC

    sa una palan tol alam namin sa matatalo ka wala ka pag asa di naman sa down kta real talk lang kc malakas kalaban mo sa hapun malayo kakayahan mo mautak nag set ng laban nyo alam nla kayan kaya ka nya kaya ikaw nilaban para pandagdag sa panalo nya hehehe

  • Jose Raagas
    Jose Raagas

    Sa galawan pa lang wala na ang Dasmarinas.. Napakalayo kay cuadro alas.. Pitsugin lang nakalaban ni Inoui.. wala pang pangalan..

  • Cerez

    Inoue is scared of Johnriel "Quadro Alas" Casimero

    • Cerez

      @Jonathan Parker Absolutely, they're not on the same level simply because Casimero's skill set is way way higher than Inoue.

    • Jonathan Parker
      Jonathan Parker

      When you’ve been doing what he’s been doing to top level fighters you’re scared of no one. Casimero is a fun fighter but not on the same level

  • nexir Tuddao
    nexir Tuddao

    The next manny pacquiao.

  • jake flores
    jake flores

    body shots.

  • Jon G.
    Jon G.

    the pressure he puts in his opponent...excited to see who he fights next

  • Wynnz Miralles
    Wynnz Miralles

    Lezzgow vs. Casimero/Donaire 💪😁🇵🇭

  • lexi sabal
    lexi sabal

    hahaha takbo pa

  • Jennifer Gabasan
    Jennifer Gabasan

    Kabayan naaalangan man...

  • Zedgil Tesorio
    Zedgil Tesorio

    punching bag lng..

  • archie zulueta
    archie zulueta

    mahina ang katawan.. duon sya binanatan ni inoue

  • Zedgil Tesorio
    Zedgil Tesorio

    puro takbo lng alam ng pang bato ng pinoy

  • Raul Ariola
    Raul Ariola

    Pang low class lang si hapon now ko lang napanood dapat yong humahamon sakanya ang nilabanan wala nga kumasa sa posta ko alam na mahinakalaban alaws

  • Akira


  • luis jr Buted
    luis jr Buted

    c donito flash ang mkktalo jn... rematch kailangan

  • Jake Velsis
    Jake Velsis

    The "IPPO MAKUNOUCHI " of japan🇯🇵

  • Reym joey Daloga-og
    Reym joey Daloga-og

    Mahina na boxer, suntok lang tiyan bagsak na. Retro kana

  • Ex-Muslim Thai
    Ex-Muslim Thai

    Who is this bus driver that Inoue fought!!? Lol why he didn't fight with Casimero already!?? What a shame!!😒

  • Percious Mengote
    Percious Mengote

    Pano manalo umpisa palang kita mo na yung takot sa mukha grabe umiwas casiemiero tapat mo jan

  • diosdado oasay
    diosdado oasay

    Hey Inoue, If you are really a monster face Casimero next

  • BONEX JaGo
    BONEX JaGo

    Next ... Inoue Vs Mayweather... !!!

  • Ricardo Balasta
    Ricardo Balasta

    Kinaya ng labuyo ang wasabe

  • gonzales Giducos
    gonzales Giducos

    Inoue is to much for dasmarinas,he had a speed,power,and lateral movement but if he'll fought to casemero I thought he got KO earlier of the rounds.

  • salsaliro gabi
    salsaliro gabi

    naoya inoue is my favorite becouse a super simple man and and naoya is a great monster I'm a one Filipino pans

  • Mario Canete
    Mario Canete

    Dasmariñas go back to your country and plant sweet potatoes.

  • jamela bautista
    jamela bautista

    fight casimero .

  • Old but Gold
    Old but Gold

    If you're true monster fight casimero he's waiting for you long time ago

  • Noowa Ammy(◕ᴥ◕)
    Noowa Ammy(◕ᴥ◕)


  • ponchai allen
    ponchai allen

    DAMN!! Inoue devastated that dude...But much respect for that dude for getting up and taking more of the monster's body shots...

  • Toto Ganding
    Toto Ganding

    d ka man lng nkatama kay enoe kaibigan

  • s q u i d
    s q u i d

    Fight our casimero. Boooooo!