Halo Infinite | Multiplayer Overview
Tune in as the team at 343 Industries shares more about the free-to-play multiplayer experience. Learn about the sandbox, Academy, bots, customization, and what they're focusing on for launch.

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  • Aaron Mooney
    Aaron Mooney

    Wait so is halo infinite getting it’s own story?

    • Aaron Mooney
      Aaron Mooney

      And when I say that I mean as in regards to multiplayer

  • Matthew Sylvester
    Matthew Sylvester

    Up your sprint speed. It’s to slow

  • Cathorsis

    I can’t wait

  • Mardus 12
    Mardus 12

    Infinite and 2042 might gonna realize activision to improve their CoD games

  • Avoozl

    This is the only flight so far that I am not invited to, why?

  • iLL Rey Tito
    iLL Rey Tito


  • tyler kaiser
    tyler kaiser

    Free multiplayer!!!! COD and BF gonna have some competition


    more coop would be amazing.

  • SaucyTuRkLeBiRd

    Ok so it doesn't explicitly say if I can play people on console if I'm on PC and vice versa.. Does anybody know if this is going to be a thing? I'm already a fan of the cross platform progression!

  • Tom Riddle
    Tom Riddle

    "Great ways to customise your spartan" with loot boxes for 1.99 ea :D

    • Tom Riddle
      Tom Riddle

      true, season pass are way better

    • Pimp Doggo
      Pimp Doggo

      No loot boxes in infinite tho

  • 你他媽的

    Ah yes a battle pass. Well done 343 you've made Halo jump on the dumbest train ever

    • Pimp Doggo
      Pimp Doggo

      True but at least the battle pass does not expire.

  • Greenkidd

    i got an invite message AND a message telling me to go to waypoint to get download instrcutions...yet when i logg into waypoint theres no new message??

  • The Jebus Lizard
    The Jebus Lizard

    Tight. I think infinite got unfairly shat on last year. But, I am super looking forward to launch and seeing what the extra polish has brought. Haven’t been this excited for a Halo game in forever!

  • ayylmao

    Watching people play the beta now. What a joke. You want to recreate the halo experience we all know and love. Yet sprint and sliding is still in it? Halo 1, 2 and 3, the greats, never had that. And the trash pistol from everything after is still in it. Have you learned nothing from the previous few games that were clearly inferior to the first 3? Yikes.

  • Bass

    thank you

  • Xenryn

    0:31 Pencil confirmed for Halo Infinite.

  • Gaming Entity
    Gaming Entity

    Whoa that 343 logo intro is amazing


    Please. Please. Please have good anti cheat!

  • Evocador Nocturno
    Evocador Nocturno

    va estar mamalon, mandenme beta :c

  • Impulse 77
    Impulse 77

    The great journey has begun

  • Maxim Grzegorz
    Maxim Grzegorz

    These graphics looks like from Xbox -_-

    • ThatOneVietnamNoodle

      *Gee not like it was from Xbox*

  • Amadeus the golden
    Amadeus the golden

    I love how the people creating halo has such passion towards halo! Love it!

  • STRAWMANburner

    How is my 59.99 or 69.99 puchase going to make my experience different from those playing for free...besides the campaign...??? Does my purchase money include any battle pass content?

  • killwe5

    where are my elites at for customization Alien players should return T.T forcing all to be Spartans ..boo.

  • Shinsei Taizen
    Shinsei Taizen

    Oh...Oh this feels right.

  • DSMP Gang
    DSMP Gang

    Dude I was so hype when I got selected for the flight on July 29th

  • Polymorphing

    It feels so good being excited about Halo again :)

  • DaftHacker

    Yikes, this hurts as a long time halo fan. Gutting the whole experience of earning customizations and making the game a live service with a battle pass smh, its no wonder i got bored with mcc so fast.

    • Big Smoke
      Big Smoke

      That’s cool and all but nobody really gives a shit

  • antoni martinez
    antoni martinez

    rip asesinatos

  • N S
    N S

    no wonder it takes them so long to put out more games with better systems they are to busy doing interviews SAD FACE

  • Shmash A
    Shmash A

    This video is impressive

  • Xiphias133

    "What if it's bad?" "An apt question, if there were somewhere else to place our hope. There is not."

  • Jonny

    This looks AMAZING 343!!!! Goooood work 🥲🤤

  • Agent Blast
    Agent Blast

    seeing the video: Here we go, how is 343 gonna screw it up this time after the video: damn, this is halo

  • Peter Studios
    Peter Studios

    I've watched this like 10 times now

  • DragonWarpFX

    Cant wait!!!

  • David Carlton
    David Carlton

    As long as i can use the dmr and it works the same as the one on halo 4 and it has team swat i will be happy.....if not i will play big team battle now and then but thats it

  • nick zajac
    nick zajac

    I like the look of this, but that grappling hook worries me

  • Haxk

    This idea with the battle pass is the best innovation in gaming this year lmao

  • TheOrionZane

    What they said about the battle pass is ridiculous "you'll never lose it after buying it", Id expect I wouldn't lose something after buying it. Oh and yeah you have to purchase each battle pass as it comes out so shit

  • David

    unpopular opinion: Halo 5 isn't that bad

  • gareth L
    gareth L

    Personally not a fan of weapon pods and vehicle drops

  • ScreenedSpark6

    Can you guys upload the song used in this

  • Phil

    H1 pistol is unrivaled

  • AmbergoesHAMber

    Got my flight invitation today! So hyped!

  • Unknownwill 4th
    Unknownwill 4th


  • TryHard_Boss

    Make halo 4 popular again please

  • Nick L
    Nick L

    not gonna lie its p dope looking

  • Effective Gaming
    Effective Gaming

    I just got an invite to the Halo: Infinite technical flight! Can't wait to play!

    • VanillaVoid

      hey, nice!

  • Eric W
    Eric W

    it better be achievement unlocks only and no $$$$$$ BS


    Lol I got a invite to the preview

  • Keith Walker
    Keith Walker

    Is their still halo channel ?

    • Spartan Jameson Locke
      Spartan Jameson Locke

      No it died.

    • Keith Walker
      Keith Walker

      @Definetly G thank bro I just remembered it use to be in the Xbox applications I ain’t play Xbox in like 5 years

    • Definetly G
      Definetly G

      This is the channel

  • MDSK

    I'm waiting for this to release to buy a xbox so the longer it takes the cheaper the console will be

  • GT

    Sara a dime

  • Kipter 1999
    Kipter 1999

    Bring back Grifball

  • Kipter 1999
    Kipter 1999

    Get rid of the microtransactions

    • WhatWeDieFor

      @monke You made a lot of assumptions in a short amount of time about a dude who just said it's F2P and consumer friendly. The context was already there. They're OBVIOUSLY talking about multiplayer. You don't need to come in and correct someone because you didn't pick up on the context yourself.

    • Definetly G
      Definetly G

      @monke he knows

    • monke

      @iSp Gravy 12:21

    • monke

      7:45 - no lootboxes

    • monke

      @iSp Gravy the multiplayer will be f2p, not the game itself

  • claybomb8

    That battle pass system sounds dope AF. It’s not going to get the respect until like season 3/5 but it’s a pretty genius & fair business strategy. BUT, they have to keep their word to get that recognition after a few seasons

  • HaloFunnel12

    You know what would be cool like if you guys change the hud for certain helmets like if it's the mark IV or the recon the hud looks like what the helmet hud looks like if you know what I mean.

    • King Orange
      King Orange

      That would be neat or different hud cosmetics

  • Quinten

    It's literally just Halo 3 with grapple hook. It's perfect.

    • iSp Gravy
      iSp Gravy

      Not quite, way more different than just a grapple hook (the entire game is different)

  • Reed The tiny
    Reed The tiny

    They should make a thing with the gravity hammer where you can detach the hammer part from the handle an throw it and the more energy it has the more damage and knock back it’ll do but it’ll drain all the energy from the hammer

    • Reed The tiny
      Reed The tiny

      Comment on this if this should or shouldn’t be a thing an why

  • Bretislav Elias
    Bretislav Elias

    Just bunch of talk. Just give us coment on live play, nodoby realy interest in these boring talks.

    • WhatWeDieFor

      That's more or less what they were doing. AND you're wrong. Crap tons of people want to hear about this info.

    • 10 inches soft
      10 inches soft

      U blind

    • Kolil MD
      Kolil MD

      literally infront of you how are you blind?

  • PapaLewso

    now let’s bring back halo 2 level shit talking in lobbies n i’m downloading this shit on release

  • iambador

    the animations are clunky as hell and the visuals has no beauty to them its just there like the art direction is non existent

    • iSp Gravy
      iSp Gravy

      The animations are great, and the art style is amazing. You are a mindless hater

    • claybomb8

      Bro it’s Halo - not Breath of the Wild lol

    • 10 inches soft
      10 inches soft

      Get eyes

    • Kolil MD
      Kolil MD

      either you need better eyes or check your quality

  • Archangel Project
    Archangel Project

    We need a theatre and a forge mode

    • Archangel Project
      Archangel Project

      Ok I take back what I said. TAKE MY WALLET. PLEASE

  • africa93

    give us battle royale

    • iSp Gravy
      iSp Gravy

      Possibly in the future... but not at launch

  • ArkElementStudios

    Been looking forward to this game since the first reveal back in 2018. Haven't lose hope since. And I'm excited to see what they're finally bringing in, this year!

  • Zermatt

    Well, I'm hyped

  • Just JamesYeet
    Just JamesYeet

    The real question is *Is the mantis coming back*

    • 10 inches soft
      10 inches soft

      I hope

  • Shello

    never played Halo in my life. this will be my first. are the Halo games fun?

    • Spartan Jameson Locke
      Spartan Jameson Locke

      @343industriesDESTROYED-HALO Don't listen to this guy, play all of them and form your own opinions.

    • doom slayer
      doom slayer


    • 343industriesDESTROYED-HALO

      None of the 343i made halo games are fun...don’t play them. You should only play (Bungie) made halo games!

    • That one annoying comment bot
      That one annoying comment bot

      They are a lot of fun but they are nothing like the usual modern FPS game. you can get all halo games on the xbox gamepass

    • iSp Gravy
      iSp Gravy

      Definitely, all the games (except 5) are on MCC. Which is Halo The Master Chief Collection, it’s on gamepass too

  • geebuzem1

    Griffball please

  • Retsil Gaming
    Retsil Gaming

    Halo so underrated

    • doom slayer
      doom slayer

      Only in brazil

    • iSp Gravy
      iSp Gravy

      It is not underrated, millions have and still love it

  • Alex Taylor
    Alex Taylor

    Bro I keep re-watching this video

  • AndyBagles

    Lowkey vibin' to the Music over this Trailer! Hope this is Official Music

    • Alex Bhore
      Alex Bhore

      it is!

  • Cyclopss_

    Whelp, as a twitch streamer (Cyclopss_) this will be the only one I play. Anyone else? Let's team up!

  • PK IllinoisFIN
    PK IllinoisFIN

    All this cool stuff seems to be put behind pay to win system called battle pass... Dont be like dice or ea, pay to win system is there so the big fat investors makes sure they get profit rain!

    • iSp Gravy
      iSp Gravy

      Not only is the battle pass only cosmetics and do want expire, there will be plenty of free stuff to earn (like the samurai armor)

    • Spartan Jameson Locke
      Spartan Jameson Locke

      A Battlepass is filled with cosmetics, stuff that doesn't grant you victory.

  • Alex Dobbie
    Alex Dobbie

    Gotta love that the UZmatch comments are keeping some of that old XBox Live Disaster Zone vibes going

  • Xavier S
    Xavier S

    I wanted to sign up for the insider program but im 16 and im just so upset about it. But im so freaking excited for this year, we have elden ring and halo coming. Very very excited.

    • Prompthorizen 12
      Prompthorizen 12

      Mate just sign up it doesn't matter how old you are , its not that hard.

    • iSp Gravy
      iSp Gravy

      Doesn’t matter how old you are... just sign up

  • Hybridizm

    "Our battlepass isn't taken away from you, it doesn't expire". Wait, so you're telling me I can invest money into the game without worrying about about FOMO (Fear of missing out) and play at a pace I feel reasonable, without treating the game like a job to unlock things? I know some people hate battle passes and I understand the gripe, but this sounds like a VERY consumer friendly approach to it and I'm on board with that.


    ill be real this comes off like theyve never played halo 4-5. Half the things they said "for the first time" have been in the series for years at this point.

  • N3XU5

    Call the new car the Puma

  • Spartan Kong Country
    Spartan Kong Country

    I had a dream I finally got to play the multiplayer, but then I woke up disappointed.

    • Ghost

      I had one where the old campaign trailer wasn’t just a video and we could play that level but I was able to glitch out and play whole game

  • DrLove2k2

    Lmao okay, we'll see when its released, my guess is a 7.0/7.5 out of 10. Will wait for a bargain bin I think. Who are these crackheads bruh lmao

    • DrLove2k2

      @Breakneck Then I'll play it on the Switch, np

    • Breakneck

      @DrLove2k2 it’s halo, it’s never coming to ps

    • iSp Gravy
      iSp Gravy

      @DrLove2k2 Þú ert ruslakrakki

    • DrLove2k2

      @iSp Gravy ? Im sorry I dont speak mongolian

    • iSp Gravy
      iSp Gravy

      @DrLove2k2 Tu Tonto

  • Organicbadboy X
    Organicbadboy X

    So we have to earn the armor like in halo 3?!?! Yeessssss

  • Untouched Riches
    Untouched Riches


    • ThatOneVietnamNoodle

      @Massid confused stonks

    • Spartan Jameson Locke
      Spartan Jameson Locke

      @Massid yeah...wait

    • Massid

      Your mums a virgin

    • iSp Gravy
      iSp Gravy

      No u

  • Snow Blade
    Snow Blade

    *sigh* why is this video still up?

    • Massid

      @Snow Blade you're trolling

    • Snow Blade
      Snow Blade

      @Massid Halo 3 was bad though? Why would I want to play a bad game?

    • Massid

      Mate if you want a game exactly like halo 3 then go play halo 3

    • Massid

      You’re like one of the dementors from Harry Potter sucking the life out of everything

    • Spartan Kong Country
      Spartan Kong Country

      You sound obsessed. Let people enjoy things.


    343 making the same mistakes... game will be trash

    • ThatOneVietnamNoodle



      @ThatOneVietnamNoodle talk to the hand 🤚

    • ThatOneVietnamNoodle



      @ThatOneVietnamNoodle then leave troll

    • ThatOneVietnamNoodle

      sneef sneef Ya'll smell that? It smells like troll in here

  • R S
    R S

    So many fake comments. Halo is dead

    • R S
      R S

      @Juan Rangel Because it's all fake paid comments.

    • Juan Rangel
      Juan Rangel

      Nice joke but we didn't laugh

    • iSp Gravy
      iSp Gravy

      Say that to the millions of fans around the world. Cant be more stupid

    • Kolil MD
      Kolil MD

      "dead" MCC: "am i joke to you?

  • Governor Jonah
    Governor Jonah

    With battlefield 2042 and halo infinite, I might have to say goodbye to cod. Warzone has been so bad recently

    • doom slayer
      doom slayer

      I never play cod

    • its chewsday
      its chewsday

      I try to play Warzone and I don't understand how people have fun. Literally everyone camps.

    • iSp Gravy
      iSp Gravy

      I said goodbye to CoD a long time ago

  • niva zero
    niva zero

    why no vr exclusively on pc?

  • Mrunal Bhamare
    Mrunal Bhamare

    Do you see the tiredness on faces of these people. They were made to overwork.

  • Nyarlathotep

    I want to be an Elite

    • Juan Rangel
      Juan Rangel

      I would like too, but unfortunately they confirmed that they will not be playable for multiplayer

  • TotalTryhardTime

    *I* *CAN'T* *WAAAAIIIT!!!!*

  • Ungegurkt

    gonna play it all dey long

  • al

    Blue team has the flag. 😁 Red the has the flag.. 😑

  • Joshua Harrold
    Joshua Harrold

    love to see the old halo reach AR

  • DirextX13

    Please make match loading before it starts we can see our team's faces holding our helmets would be awesome

  • Gavin Masters
    Gavin Masters


    • Gavin Masters
      Gavin Masters

      @iSp Gravy THANK YOU ILY

    • iSp Gravy
      iSp Gravy

      This was already confirmed in a blog post

  • o Seezyn
    o Seezyn

    I hope you guys incorporate the old color models option you had in the very first trailer. I really enjoy that art style of a polished version of the first Halo's color. Was sad to see that idea bullied away by the internet freaking out over a very interesting take on the future of Halo and the art style. Maybe in one of the color options? I'd love to see that type of graininess to whatever color I choose. Like a toggled option to bring that idea to life.

  • GIG_Gaming

    I'm never going to be allowed to play an Elite again, am i?

    • Person117

      They said it’s still on the table, same with dual wielding.

    • iSp Gravy
      iSp Gravy

      Possibly in the future

  • F Cno
    F Cno

    This is like the only damn preview of a game I'll ever bother to look at