Pulling Power from the Sky: The Story of Makani [Feature Film]
"Pulling Power From the Sky: The Story of Makani" chronicles the thirteen-year quest of an eclectic band of scientists, artists, sailors, pilots, and engineers as they team up to design and build kites that can efficiently harness energy from the wind. Created by members of the Makani team, and featuring beautiful footage from test sites in Hawai’i, California, and Norway, this film provides an intimate portrait of the team and spirit.

For more information about Makani, please see The Energy Kite, available at x.company/projects/makani

  • John Arzayus
    John Arzayus

    I wonder if the team considered putting the tether on the wing's leading edge and forgo vertical take-off and landing altogether. Taking off and land in a circular pattern similar to line control flying. Here is an example of what I am talking about: uzmatch.info/it/ucimtqSyspGvp6U/video

  • Craig “C B” Baker
    Craig “C B” Baker

    Keep deluding yourself. You are not solving anything. I don't mean you are not making a good power generation device I mean the problem you are attempting to solve is non-existent. CO2 does NOT control climate. You are tilting at a windmill that has no relationship to the climate. But by all means show me in a dozen years how big a dent you made.

  • HappyActiveHealthy100YearsPlus

    Great video. Professionally made. Excellent commercial for Shell and Alphabet. The goal of those investors had never been to come up with a commercially successful product. The intended message is and has been that we must protect our planet and that we must do everything otherwise humanity is doomed. However when doing some first principle analysis, we see that our planet could host 1000 billion people, i.e. 100 times more than today. Harvesting solar power is not difficult. Fighting desertification on individual scale is easy, but that would not generate profits for the big players. The world could be ok, if we would not kill each other because of social conflicts triggered by our rulers. I enjoyed the film showing all this passion, buildup of skills and team spirit.

  • Rahim Resad
    Rahim Resad

    Is what wind turbine been doing for over 100 years? Great doco, though, and I love it.

  • Daemonton Jay
    Daemonton Jay

    So they flew the kite here, there, everywhere but how much electricity did they generate? o.O I watched it for the most part but not once I heard them saying the amount of energy was generated

    • Daemonton Jay
      Daemonton Jay

      They should have focused on generating power to secure investments, nobody would fund a bunch of kite enthusiasts because not once even at the end do they mention if any electricity was generated in 13 years!! Great job guys.

  • Dietitian Daddy
    Dietitian Daddy

    So, it uses electricity to make electricity? Also, how can one make a "farm" of these with the cables?

  • Michael Morse
    Michael Morse

    So..it consumes the power it generates?

  • Nikosi9

    If someone could figure out a way to turn this into a weapon, they would get their funding easily...

  • Steven Williams
    Steven Williams

    Very dumb project from the begining! Did anyone notice how the season and wind speed was anything but predictable?

  • Soreen

    If the wind stops... the electronic stops

  • Travelling Moskito
    Travelling Moskito

    "Complex building" and building a heavier than air device for harnessing wind energy, One thing leads to another and a simple design turns into a robotic evolution in case of your project from a building perspective. Remember the Clue is "Sensum Communem" Geometry and Symmetry without the use of external need for power is the key. A few years ago, I designed, built and flew a prototype all day long without any human input, and 100% lift plus hover using only wind. Than life changed and I stopped. Imagine your project works. You will only be selling your technology to the highest bidder. In the end its just another "race to riches rather than a race to future" ~edit: I dont understand the joy of building something already artifically powered. Its like flying a plane or Helicopter and exclaiming "wow" we invented something. To me this was a 100% waste of watch time.

  • james rattenborg
    james rattenborg

    It needs wheels and solar panels.

  • Paula Wooder
    Paula Wooder

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  • Mr.McGoover

    This is very cool but is not cost effective wind energy, you would be better off with a lower tech wind turbine blimp that steers itself into the wind with no complex computer systems

  • Nancy Rodriguez
    Nancy Rodriguez

    The crooked interviewer statistically suck because desk commonly record with a attractive panty. laughable, direful lace

  • Doug Steele
    Doug Steele

    Stop the climate change lie!

  • Greg Cox
    Greg Cox

    I loved the teamwork and strength in numbers stuff but then it got really philosophical and spiritual around the time when u went to Hawaii. Then like all things it gets off base and went into the people and relationship to mother earth and the love affair between the compassionate who has the respect of the air-water and trees, Maybe Hawaii is as close to ur ultimate test conditions in the ocean. What will happen when the wind is not producing as it will need to because someone will want the energy to run their coffee machine? You want and this energy but can't be cost-effective and u log the data until a moment and time when technology can be borrowed from ur work. People keep grinding on and I will support u all the way. But when it becomes this holy earth and the respect of people who worship her then u lose me and a lot of people who can respect the grind and hard work and the effect to cut down on pollution. So stay focused on science and keep away from the ideology that may not be for all peoples of the earth.

  • sierrachile


  • Bang Thumper
    Bang Thumper

    Thank you for sharing.

  • Phil Johnson
    Phil Johnson

    So what are the calculations and results to transferring this form of mechanical energy into electrical energy? It seems complex and inefficient when compared to an airscrew.

  • Tb Thomas
    Tb Thomas

    This is a perfect example of what happens when SJW wannabes are allowed to spend exorbitant amounts of money on so-called 'Green Energy Solutions' which are utterly lacking in rational proven engineering principles. The limits of 'Windmills', in virtually all their variations are well-established. Not only that, we have extreme examples of why windmills will never be cost-effective. This absurdly over-complicated variation on that very simple theme never had a chance of even breaking even as a 'green energy solution'. And yet, millions of dollars were pissed away while these SJW's indulged their desire to feel good about themselves. I'm keeping a copy of this entire video for future reference, when the next SJW bad-idea comes up for consideration as a solution to the climate-change problem. PS: If anyone wants to know why this 'Green New Deal' debacle is still driving the climate-change debate, just read the comments on this thread. 'Virtuous Intentions' are not going to solve the problem of global dependence upon a finite resource, spewing previously sequestered CO2 into the atmosphere. (Not to mention the catastrophic impact of plastic waste being dumped into the planets oceans, and threatening the survival of the plankton population upon which the entire ocean food-chain depends.) We can solve the CO2 emissions problem if we act quickly, and develop Deep Ocean aquaculture which enables large-scale algal cultivation in the world's oceans. (Note: thats where the fossil petroleum we're burning now came from in the first place.) But we won't solve it if the current crowd of SJW's are allowed to set the agenda.

  • Tony Pike
    Tony Pike

    What a fantastic story. Inspirational. Thankyou.

  • Hunter Lilly
    Hunter Lilly

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  • khalid salman
    khalid salman

    super motivating...!!

  • James Adams
    James Adams

    Some good new technology will come out of this but this method of power generation won't be used cause there are way to many variables to go wrong as the video shows. Really just a bunch of engineers playing with a king kong sized rc airplane paid for by Google and Shell. These guys and gals had nothing to lose with an idea that wasn't even viable from the getgo .

  • Niklas Fredriksson
    Niklas Fredriksson

    Damn that’s a stupid idea how would that be more cost effective than existing wind mills

  • best marketing channel
    best marketing channel

    You need to make it exciting...make contest and 3rd second and 3rd place prizes...

  • Punished Candy
    Punished Candy

    I have yet to hear any cause for how 0.04% of the atmosphere achieves a statically significant net transfer of solar energy over the remaining 99.96%. Unless we are going to violate the first law of thermodynamics, we cannot get the specific heat coefficient of carbon dioxide high enough to account for the current trend.

  • Rat EEK
    Rat EEK

    come on @elonmusk were you at? #elonmusk

  • Ca Map
    Ca Map

    Anything now a day using a string like that is sucks

  • Markus Puschert
    Markus Puschert

    4:59 do the headrests in the car actually form the letters "omg"?!?!? 😂😅🤣

  • marthale7

    Many many failed before the Wright Brothers got flight to work. I like the concept, but I don't like spending money and more money on concepts that are unproven. At some point you scrap it and try something else, or try that which works.

  • Ryan Kennedy
    Ryan Kennedy

    If staying inside the box was working we wouldnt need to attempt new means of energy creation. Its the first try.. Give these people 10yrs to learn on the fly (no pun intended) and my $ is on a viable eneregy option being a success.. I can only imagine the # of variables..that being said, i think they need to re-think there model. Rather then concentraiting there efforts on the wind drag they should address the production from using the force a wing uses to ccreate lift.. Good sail boats (with good sailers) can go 4x faster then then speed of the wind. They do this by creating a hi-low pressure difference on each side of the sail.. Just like a wing .. Think of the sails like fan blades and wings at the same time. Change of pitch creates pressure gradian... We need to give these groups 5yrs and 100mil to push the learning curve. America needs to take the lead in green energy! Just like the space race. 2% of our GDP.. We have everything we need to change the world.. All we have to do is decide we want to do it..

  • John Kuchera
    John Kuchera

    Has anyone ever owned a kite that didn’t randomly take a nose dive straight into earth at some point?

  • Brafrom

    Say what? 1 hour of applause

  • 1.5x playback everything - thank me later
    1.5x playback everything - thank me later

    13 years, probably millions of dollars, and we got a nice video. Well, it wasn't my money exactly, and I'd rather us be spending it in this than lipstick

  • Rick Sauermilch
    Rick Sauermilch

    Instead of deep water stationary power this should be used to power cargo shipping. Portable electrical power is the only feasible way to decarbonize the sector, solar panels aren't practical because of the top loading cranes, hydrogen would be absurd. If you can make it work on a big boat instead of a tethered platform it really solves the problem and also doesn't compete with any of the other energy sectors that are better for land.

  • Adverzuz

    Man i runned in to this video as a accident, I'm addicted

  • nerdylicious

    so basically fancy word of a glider

  • Joseph Prosnitz
    Joseph Prosnitz

    so interesting. I dont' get the energy math but super unusual concept and the process was interesting

  • Chuck Voreis
    Chuck Voreis

    i have ideas about these concepts as well.

  • riccardo s
    riccardo s

    Somebody knows what happend to KiteGen ?

  • Robert Klauco
    Robert Klauco

    Unbelievable story. I can't believe this had to end so suddenly on the verge of success. Amazing work, amazing effort, unbelievable resilience in face of catastrophic defects. I wish all team members and all who participated on the project all the best - you did the ground work for something that will for sure work in future. Thank you.

  • zheng Huang
    zheng Huang

    fly heavy object in sky consume a lot energy by its own weight. so the concept is not right.. could just fly a light kite as light as possible. and putting the string back and forth to generate electricity. Its much cheaper simpler and safer

  • Mr JP
    Mr JP

    Come on, it's an rc plane for goodness sake. It's not like you're building rockets and sending satellites to orbit or people to Mars. This is more like a drama than a science experiment. This generation is so damn emotional I'll be surprise if they accomplish anything

  • GraceEngineering

    3:50 "It wasn't meant to go back". The wind has 360 degree freedom.

    • GraceEngineering

      Resonant frequency is a very powerful thing and the last thing an engineer would suspect as an enemy.

    • GraceEngineering

      Every step is monumental, even steps backwards. We document every one and learn from them all.

    • GraceEngineering

      This is why I over engineer everything. Probably also why I don't build airplanes.

  • Dave B
    Dave B

    Compare how Thomas Edison developed new innovation, working alone or with some of his lab emplyees and the length of development time from months to a year or more, with this.. millions of dollars, a huge crew, decades of working, and as predictable as the wind. it's hard to see the practicality in it. Too much money 1time and manpower. Only government backing explains the waste.

  • Collector Guy
    Collector Guy

    There are so many accomplishments here, but I'm most impressed how they're doing all this while raising children. Can't imagine how it's possible.

  • Steve Sullivan
    Steve Sullivan

    When I was a child I realized when the wind stop I broke my kite🥺.nerd nervana

  • Misha Anton
    Misha Anton

    This is neat. I've been thinking about a sail 'wing'. Talking to a friend about it. He has a place open miles wide. Not developed, except for a well. I want to live off grid. So... the interest in sail power generator. I used to sail. I need a place w some tools and someone who can weld. My friend has tools and talents. I don't think it woukd be that complicated. Not using fiber sail as Recycle limited. May not get out there this summer. Great invention and thanks for sharing the story.

  • jon lambert
    jon lambert

    We are only held back by cinmantic blockage

  • jon lambert
    jon lambert

    Bravo ,viva la earth viva la fucking France man.

  • unit ion
    unit ion

    why not go back to small scale if 20kw is easy to get and the code is ready ?

  • PMH

    Climate changes all the time, its called the weather. So many smart idiots nowdays. You need to donate now to "Cork the Volcanos Fund". So you cant create things unless your saving the world now. Dont forget the the most important part where you show everyone what a wonderful person you are what your doing to save them. We dont believe your SJW bullshit propoganda videos.

  • Z M Scott
    Z M Scott

    This is one of the dumbest ideas ever. Does anyone really think for even a second that spending x million dollars on something like this that can clearly NEVER just be installed somewhere and left to take off on its own every day and fly around create energy then land and do it again all day tomorrow is an attainable goal? Yea right! The only way this would be a good idea is if it were super cheap, super simple instead of outrageously complex, and didnt need a team of at least 3 to operate, and more than all else require the mass production of giant flying machines!; This is a lesson no one should ever have to learn, we know all of this from literally decades of engineering complex machinery that is used in the field and exposed to the elements. Weve become a species that's totally forgotten it's past, by choice it seems, and everything about what these people are doing is completely foolish. We know spending hundreds of billions building an army of robotic spacecraft would create so much ADDITIONAL polution that these stupid things could never then somehow remove from our atmosphere even if they survived 50 times longer than their projected lifespan. It's like electric cars, sure it would be great had we built them from day one but that didn't happen. So to fight pollution buy a car that's already out there on the road with decades of life left! The amount of pollution created in the process of making one new car is ten times the amount of pollution that vehicle could ever produce in it's operable lifetime on the road. So we really think that we are going to save the planet thru the mass production of an item that's pretty much equivalent to manufacturing automobiles? It's about building less, no more mass producing these types of things you fools this is what got us here to begin with! Yea it looks like a ton of fun to build crazy flying machines but you guys need to know you are the problem!!! Rich white people out making a problem so much worse while patting themselves on the back for "being like so much more aware and in the know than everybody else!" It's like their the only ones who don't make the connection, dumbest fucking smart people EVER!!!


    I am sad that so much effort was expended on this project, only to have it be cancelled before a commercial product could be deployed. But considering all of the environmental hazards that the kite could be subjected to - bird strikes, heavy wind gusts, sudden shifts in wind direction, lightning strikes - I have to wonder if this idea could have ever been made practical at all, let alone competitive with solar and conventional wind turbine energy.

  • Alfonso Alfonsos
    Alfonso Alfonsos

    I fly model airplanes for like 25 yrs. Every time a plane dives down like the makani during the rotation gives me the butterfly in my stomach feeling of "please recover please recover "

  • un sucks
    un sucks

    A few team members should have learnt to launch gliders with a winch. You learn in a 2 seat glider with an instructor teaching you so everything is pretty safe but then you would probably have so much fun that you would quit the original project and take up gliding. The winch launch is very old established technology



  • Barry Geal
    Barry Geal

    Held me captive through out .. what a brilliant journey, to get to the final product, kudos to every one

  • Mike O'Melia
    Mike O'Melia

    Did they ever generate a single watt of power? Video was fun to watch, but I never saw them generate any power. Also, system was overly complicated.

  • CJ Schmitt
    CJ Schmitt


  • Liam Patrick
    Liam Patrick

    Amazing work ... keep it up..

  • fessit

    Great video. I could see this technology used on large ships that transport oil, goods, etc. It might generate enough power to power the entire journey or significantly reduce fuel cost and pollution. The main issue is to protect the systems from storms. There are kite systems that tow ships to reduce fuel. This technology take that to a whole new level!

  • Bob McBride
    Bob McBride

    What a monumental waste of resources. Especially money.

  • cheiftheif

    Engineers make me laugh😂. seems they forgot the bacis laws of physics. When the teather goes slack and breaks and the next time totally inialated their glider I nearly died. Way to many variables to be able to make this work let alone be reliable. But amazing job that you guys did, well done. Koodos!

  • Dreadragon Flame
    Dreadragon Flame

    The power plant should be on the ground and just use the pulling forces to drive a generator in a linear pull fashion on a recoiling mechanism like the pull start of a gas motor connected to a flywheel by varying the tilt of the kite. I actually built one but never got to test it, burned up in a shop fire.

  • femi steele
    femi steele

    If it hasn't been perfected I hope that it will be your team has the will power to do so and when you do it will be much need in my country Guyana and around the world so good luck

  • Kyle Brumsworth
    Kyle Brumsworth

    Reminds me of how SpaceX is designing and building Starship. Fly, crash, learn, fix, repeat. Very cool!

  • Kyle Brumsworth
    Kyle Brumsworth

    This is amazing engineering but how does it produce energy? You would think, if anything, its using more energy than it produces.

  • moriah lutcher
    moriah lutcher

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  • kiddiescripterkiller

    These engineers crack me up... Always saying the environment and climate... Yet they don't have a clue on what damage to the environment the materials they use to build their "save the world" project, actually outweigh the power it will generate. They need to talk to chemical engineers to find out where and how the materials used are gotten from the environment and at what cost... Just look at the plastics, metals, rare earth metals, resin, etc... used...

  • Uvisir

    what the music track called at @12:30?

  • Paul Riches
    Paul Riches

    Kid's having fun.

  • Nick Vledder
    Nick Vledder

    It is a Dutch invention: Wubbo Ockels invented it.

  • Michael Burton
    Michael Burton

    Great story on an outstanding effort for a new renewable energy technology. Maybe a hybrid between a helium dirigible and kite would work better? It might survive better during an unexpected downing. Just a thought.

  • CET675

    I fukin cried at the end. No fairytale ending...I feel you guys followed your dream and dam the torpedos. If the future generations are as dedicated as you. (I am not gay. not that there is something wrong with that) we are going to be ok

  • black Bear
    black Bear

    So they should have just got a big drone and put the prop motors to produce the electricity and put it on automatic where the drone will go into a dive and it just goes into a cycle but by the way the whole technology of air and Air piloting and danger is impractical

  • billdale1

    One of your biggest problems seems to be landing your kite between the pylons during wind shifts. You could have a second cable attached to the kite that is attached to the same point on the ground, until such time as when needing to bring the kite down. At that time, you can simply spread the two cables wide apart to keep the kite from shifting side to side, and being damaged by the pylons. It does not matter what anyone else thinks--- people of different thought patterns need to try different approaches to the same problem, and whoever produces the best, most economical and least destructive solution should win out. That is one reason that trying to suppress EVs is a sure sign of evil intent, because if EVs really were a non-solution, it would be obvious when comparing competing results over time. Also, it is apparent that two or more parallel approaches are often needed, since relying on only one can mean exhausting materials needed for one method, as can be seen right now as nickel, copper, cobalt, neodymium, etc., are presently in short supply. With time, we are sure to find more sources on the planet, but also by mining asteroids, as Musk will be doing. I am not convinced your approach is the most practical for a few reasons, but would be giddily pleased should you prove me wrong! Good luck, gentle souls, and have fun.

  • Trevor Gough
    Trevor Gough

    Global warming ?? You kidding ?? Its late May in the uk and I'm freezing !!!

  • georgianbents

    This is a perfect example of losing the forest for the trees. You've got a bunch of people who THINK they have a good understanding of windmills, and then decided they could make a better one. They failed because they don't understand even the most basic aspects of the concept behind windmills. There's a reason why simple windmills, the ones they don't like, have been in operation for more than 1000 years. They're simple, they're cheap, they're easy to maintain, require minimal monitoring and most importantly, they WORK. Everything that their airplane ISN'T and never will be. They took something that was incredibly simple, even massive versions, and then complicated the idea by massive amounts. They took a principle that is mounted on the ground, or floating, with a minimum of moving parts and needing minimum maintenance, and turned it into an expensive and resource intensive (not to mention exponentially more polluting fabrication/maintenance process) IQ test that requires constant monitoring while it is in operation. Taking a simple concept that has works for more than a millenia, and complicating it beyond belief isn't "innovation", it's stupidity and a massive waste of resources. They created more problems than ever existed in the original simplicity of a simple windmill. The most obvious thing about this whole process to me, someone who has actually built windmills for mere hundreds of dollars (and they're all still running after 15+ years) is how many windmills and how much power would have been produced in the last 10+ years they COULD have used the millions of dollars, they've pissed up against the wall, to build if they actually were as concerned about global warming as they pretend. Another massively important thing they never ever mentioned was how much money they've spent. How much is this IQ test supposed to cost? How much does it cost to maintain all the electronics and motors and servos ESPECIALLY if they're going to put it over SALT WATER!? And the most important thing, how much power does this Rube Goldberg contraption actually produce? The fact that after 100 minutes of video and 10 years of "development" (aka wasting money that could have been spent on REAL windmills and photoelectric panels) they didn't mention ANY of these crucial points, or even offer estimates. I urge anyone who thinks this video is interesting to go online and search for DIY windmills. ANYONE and I do mean ANYONE can build a windmill and produce their own power with absolutely NO fabrication skills and nothing more complicated than a hand saw, a hack saw and a hand drill out of common, everyday parts and components that you can get from your local hardware store. Even just watching some videos on it will educate you far more than the idiocy going on in this video. Barring that, you could also just say screw it and go and buy one from amazon for $200, ready to go out of the box. As a life long fabricator of 5+ decades, we had a term for people like the bunch in this video. We called them "a lighthouse in the desert". They're bright as hell but completely fucking useless, as far as the time and money they wasted. At best, it's a lesson for everyone else on what not to do, and at worst, it got them a pay cheque for 10+ years and they can always sell off the tech for millions to the military so it can be used to spy on and kill people. So at least there's that. Fail.

  • HranganMind

    Engineers and scientists will save humanity

  • Christian Soldier
    Christian Soldier

    Quit spraying that crap in the sky and the earth will heal itself. Owning the weather make you feel like a god ? Well here's a bit of news for you.... God will hold those accountable for destroying the earth for money.

  • Rona Mona
    Rona Mona

    Cool thing. Great meeting. Love how they talk in lament terms. Amazing work

    • DakarNick


  • Dmitriy Steps
    Dmitriy Steps

    Feels like that’s how hyperloop will end 😅

  • insideHARDWARE

    I feel like a partnership with DJI would have been useful for the IMU between stages.

  • insideHARDWARE

    Has Elon Musk seen this yet?

  • insideHARDWARE

    Help me. I’m confused. Where is the generator located? At the 8 motor props converted into generators after reaching the cross wind stage? Or is it the base that has a spinning generator with the tether?

  • NicoMarius Smit
    NicoMarius Smit

    build a box kite it is used to fish

  • thefreese1

    interesting but the same problem as with other large blade stationary turbines . They are very loud and scare all the game out of the area thus screwing up the natural ecology .not too many animals want to hang around that crap . Too many fragile things with this system and plenty that weren't addressed in this film and if they were then it wasn't emphasized enough . Personally I don't see how it ever got the funding to get off the ground .

  • jolla

    Its better to try and fail and learn from it, than never try and learn nothing. A great efford and I am sure some one will pick up where you left some day.

  • Potshangbam Khangamcha
    Potshangbam Khangamcha

    It is quite heartening to know, there was such a group called Makani which really was concerned about climate change and endeavouring a a way to prevent it.

  • Rusty McCaine
    Rusty McCaine

    Sad that so many smart people are misled to think that the earth is in an existential fight for survival because some glaciers are melting in national parks. Grow up.

    • Eric Bruscoe
      Eric Bruscoe

      Must suck to have such a small brain...

  • galactock

    Honestly these guys have failed because they are over complicating things , and calling this contraption a kite, which it's not.

  • galactock

    My design is far more simple and mobile. It could be made on the cheep, poor people can use it for a variety of applications including pumping water.

  • galactock

    I designed the first wind lift electricity from kite power for Rob Creighton. He got a grant from Darpa to keep going with it and he made it into something more like these with the propellers as alternators, instead of the belt on the flat bed of a truck turning the alternators as it was flying figure 8 through the power zone and reloading on the edge of the wind window before every pass through the power zone. I have a better design now ... but it's a secret ~ kuz no one has asked me for it. :-) My designee was this one on the truck bed. I came up with it in Robs back yard in Madison WI after a day of kite surfing with him. ... True News ^ I never got paid for any of it and am not in any of these videos. It's all for the Love of Life and having fun with kites ! uzmatch.info/it/rLhvraWeubdm1pk/video windlift.com/ Peace n Love

  • William

    Let the world know when you get China and Russia oh let’s not forget that pollution resort called India on board, changing their behaviors, just saying!………😳😳

  • Jon Clark
    Jon Clark

    Global warming has been a major part of earth's history long before man came on the seen, to deny earth's history is unbelievable in terms of the warmest climate existent eons ago.

  • Edward Wright
    Edward Wright

    what was the 2 flashes when the teather broke 44:22

  • Brian Malik
    Brian Malik

    One hour and fifty minutes of people making excuses for failure. What's next, building a car out of Jello and flutes?

3.2 mln
3.2 mln