How Often You Should Shower And Wash Hair | Responding To Comments Ep. 22
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You’ve been sending me some really interesting questions recently, so I decided to do another episode of Responding to Comments to get to the bottom of some medical mysteries. Today I talk about how often you should shower and wash your hair, why we kick when we sleep, what causes an itch, why we administer vaccines in the shoulder, ringing ears, runny noses from spicy food and hot wings, posture correctors, electrolytes, stomach growling, and the truth of getting 10,000 steps a day. Drop a comment down below if there’s a medical question you’d like me to answer!

I LOVE reading your comments and take your suggestions seriously. If there’s a subject you want me to discuss or something you’d like for me to react to, leave a comment down below. Many of my videos have been born out of suggestions directly from you, so don’t hold back!
-Doctor Mike Varshavski

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    Why don't I get hungry / why doesn't my stomach growl? It results in me being underweight so what can i do to fix it?

  • the mangled wither
    the mangled wither

    For the formaldehyde thing I remember in my intermediate school we had to dissect a pigs heart and lungs and that smell still haunts me today

  • Georgina Winkler
    Georgina Winkler

    We should only shower 3-4 minutes ?😅 I have really long and thick hair I physically can’t shower im 3-4 minutes 😭

  • bernice peter
    bernice peter

    why do i crave burnt food.

  • Candy Catfox
    Candy Catfox

    My sister said “One day you’ll eat a apple and disappear” as a joke

  • 。Neko  。
    。Neko 。

    Dr mike: “The reason I ain’t no cinnamon roll is while I am delicious” Me : wtf 😳

  • cool dude
    cool dude

    my cusin accidentally put her ear wax more deep in her ear when she was trying to get it out. Her ear hurt. She's ok now.

  • Electro Potato
    Electro Potato

    Speaking of spicy food, i'm always getting hiccups when eating it. Why is that?

  • Heidi

    Why do I always sneeze when I’m outside and its a sunny day?

  • A

    In my families trick to get rid water in the ear, is just add few drops of water on it, then quickly turn so that the water can get out .

  • waterchug1

    How acidic is stomach acid?

  • stoney wise
    stoney wise

    ill tell you but you wont believe it. i didnt use soap or shampoo for over 10 years. only soap i use is for hand sanitizing and i use deodorant, well, its just needed. My skin and hair is more healthy as ever before. I dont use hair products. Soap and shampoo damage you. Its a way to sell you nonsense for big money. the transition will take 2 weeks to get off soap and shampoo and that are 2 hard weeks After that new life begins. Shower only with water every day and wash your hair with water. no soap or shampoo, not even once. you will be surprised. But, no hair products because if you use that you need to use shampoo or your hair will be a mess. Your skin and hair will be very happy. I had huge dandruff issues, not anymore. its all gone.

  • Kaloqn Kanev
    Kaloqn Kanev

    What are your thoughts of sleeping paralysis and do you have one in your life?

  • hohokamamate

    3-4 minutes in the shower? That ain't enough to satisfy my imagination

  • bruz ely
    bruz ely

    i always cry when im watching a screen from far away but i dont when im close to the screen, is there a way to fix this problem cuz my eyes start hurting lol

  • Yaqoub Tq
    Yaqoub Tq

    Wait I have something weird sometimes when I sleep I wake up randomly and say something

  • rushda

    what are beauty spots and why do they just pop out of nowhere? for example, when i was younger i had like 1 beauty spot on my face, and i as got older they just started popping up out of nowhere, now i have like 7 on my face alone (also i don’t mean moles, i mean those flat spots that r just black (if that makes any sense))

  • •Snowy_Bear•

    why do you sometimes pee in your sleep-

  • Vi Gabrielli
    Vi Gabrielli

    From now on I'll end my sentenses by saying "and then in the end of the day we fart" hahaha

  • elaina jeffrey
    elaina jeffrey

    just remembering this some time my mom caught my laughing while sleeping it was weird cuz i knew i was gonna wake up but in the dream i was laughing hard cuz a person distort their face and my dream self thought they look like martian man hunter from the dc series

  • Jordan Avery (Avery Book Reviews)
    Jordan Avery (Avery Book Reviews)

    Have you ever encountered Meniscus transplants? I live in Canada and had a meniscus transplant and a bone transplant last year. From my understanding it’s not a common surgery but I know Canada is behind the times. (It was to treat osteocondoritis descants) Also, what are you opinions on the Canadian Healthcare System?

  • Beia_Bee

    I usually shower 2 times a day. Since i got outside alot and go in my pool sometimes i have to wash the clarion off all the time. 1st one in the morning to get clean. 2nd is when i get out the pool. And 3rd is before i go to bed, but the 2nd one depends.

  • Dunia nadia
    Dunia nadia

    Question... Why do we breathe 🙂 and is it ok to eat nails?

  • Dom

    is it ok to eat burnt popcorn

  • Em Custard
    Em Custard

    When my hair was to my waist, it would take more than 4 minutes just to wash it...

  • Cobra Shark Meming
    Cobra Shark Meming

    Why are you an apple Super sweet

  • Yadaly Barrancos
    Yadaly Barrancos

    Cause it always happens to me

  • Yadaly Barrancos
    Yadaly Barrancos

    And why is when you take a shower and the waters hot why is it hard to breath

  • Yadaly Barrancos
    Yadaly Barrancos

    If u still answer questions can you answer mine my question is why does our ear hurt sometimes

  • Jessica Eagan
    Jessica Eagan

    Absolutely yes, squeezing your thumb in your fist helps lessen nausea! I was in the hospital, intense pain (post stomach surgery). Obviously, I was on pain killers. They had to switch my meds, eventually, because it made me sick, but fist trick helped!

  • its liv
    its liv

    why do my eyes water when i yawn? 🤔

  • Laura Fortunato Martins
    Laura Fortunato Martins

    "You dont have to shower everyday" Me being brazillian: 😶😶

  • IzzyTheBee

    When I take a shower my thighs get huge red splotches on them and I believe it’s from hot water but I don’t really know. It doesn’t cause any pain so I’m not really concerned.

  • lostcaligirl

    I take a swig of pickle juice when I feel heartburn coming on, not sure why it works but it does.

  • CephalonPobs

    I just prefer a shower In the morning everyday it’s just routine

  • Zeina Thaher
    Zeina Thaher


  • Rotondo Home
    Rotondo Home

    I shower like twice a week

  • Emily Cochran
    Emily Cochran

    I have a question I will often hear a noise that most people can’t hear but it is strange mostly because there is a store my mom will take me to it has been there a very long time and every time near the front and back part of the store I hear an almost static like noise I asked my mother and the owner overheard what I was saying he had said it happened often to the kids my age and to small children he had told me that he didn’t know why but he had kids complain about it a lot. so I did not think it was hearing loss would u be able to tell me what might be happening?

  • Sans Lord
    Sans Lord

    What if your a child

  • Taif Alkabi
    Taif Alkabi

    I spent an hour in the shower

  • Jenna’s Life and more
    Jenna’s Life and more

    Dose taking a bath really clean u? Because all you’re really doing is sitting in all your dirt and sweat that you’re trying to wash off of u

  • Joey Banas
    Joey Banas

    Is it bad that I take 9 poops a day🤔

  • Aikuro Jenkins91
    Aikuro Jenkins91

    lol ya need to be able to get into rem to have any i get maybe 20 mins of rem sleep a night most of it is light sleep

  • ★enxara★

    "You shouldn't eat burned food" Me: cries as I cannot longer set my Marshmallows on fire a hundred times until it gets black

  • Mariam Yako
    Mariam Yako

    1:34 love ittttt


    At 1:50 is it a constant ringing or an every once in a while thing?

  • Hailey Carmack
    Hailey Carmack

    Can u do a video on best advice for high schoolers who want to be doctors?

  • Good Times With Noah
    Good Times With Noah

    3:21 Gaming

  • bubble candy
    bubble candy

    Hi 😊 do you think you could awnser my question. Well I get dizzy when I walk and when I wake up it also makes my right eye. If you have a awnser it would help to see what I can do to try to fix it, well have a great day 😊

  • The Gaming Animals
    The Gaming Animals

    we need to get him on a horse 🤣

  • Hi Five
    Hi Five

    How to get rid of face veet burn

  • David Howard
    David Howard

    Lol I have a shower almost twice a day.

  • neshax lakesition
    neshax lakesition

    lol i've washed my hair all most never and its water proof

  • Moon Light
    Moon Light

    Well in my opinion yes you should take a shower daily because when you scrub your skin what your doing is actually scrubing off dead skin.

  • pøpff7

    8:48 funniest part of the entire video

  • JustinTime

    Have you ever had to cut (let go) of a patient?

  • Luigi Mondin
    Luigi Mondin

    Mike: shower should be about 3-4 minutes and it can't be that hot * me burning my back for 20 minutes straight * Its fun that sometimes when I'm in the shower I realize im in the shower

    • Emily Cochran
      Emily Cochran

      Lol same

  • Phantom

    @Doctor Mike What happens if you have 2 showers every 2 days? Like one in the morning and one in the evening.

  • E. B.
    E. B.

    as far as fiber is concerned, blender is still WAY better juicer

  • E. B.
    E. B.

    i was given CPR/chest compressions and even hooked up to the machine that does it for you. i had bad bruises, but no broken ribs. and yes it saved my life

  • EatDat Burger445
    EatDat Burger445

    i shower 3-4 times a day

  • angelgalvarado

    I swam competitively for about 6 years, and yup...just bouncing your ears works perfectly :)

  • BlaZe KiT
    BlaZe KiT

    Every time i zone out my left eye goes the other direction is that normal?

  • Music City
    Music City

    Can you tell me a bit about eczema?

  • Zvane100

    the thumb thing is a well known trick in the gay community...just saying

  • ItsDinoPlayz

    Dr mike: **says stuff that we have to listen to** The guy who ate an apple today: No, I don't think I will.

    • PogromcaDeszczu



    when you hold your urine why does it hurt?

  • Tiago Dagostini
    Tiago Dagostini

    Shower every day? Here in Brazil if you do not shower 3 times per day, people will probably complain to you (we really do not support to even remotely be able to smell someone else)

  • Animegirl 88
    Animegirl 88

    Doctor mike I have a question. I've been stung by wasps before and barely swelled. One summer I got stung by a wasp right above my ankle I then was so swollen from the sting all the way down foot and I couldnt walk on it couldnt even put a sandle on they gave me steroids and it went down does that mean I'm allergic now I never had this problem before. Now I'm scared to death of wasps when I see one.

  • Mr. Windever
    Mr. Windever

    So tiny things inside of me fart and then I fart so technically not me farting but somebody else farting through me?

  • Mr. Windever
    Mr. Windever

    I think this is my third time watching this but I keep on forgetting so here I am again

  • Dumpking

    what causes mucus

  • GamingFur Life
    GamingFur Life

    What are some things to help someone become taller that people do not commonly know?

  • Lovee Bryant
    Lovee Bryant

    Should I be washing my face every day??

  • Rain

    I can go 2 weeks without washing my hair and it doesn’t get itchy or greasy and it feels soft as after a wash

  • anny


  • Gz

    Does running around the house, chasing my brother, running up and down stairs count as excersise?

  • MsKermithefrog

    My hair gets BEYOND greasy so I wash everyday

  • Al Rivera
    Al Rivera

    I take 15 minute showers.

  • David Esenwein
    David Esenwein

    i think you should shower daily or almost everyday. Showering helps refresh you and revitalize you.

  • rxsing_flxwers

    do you know if swimming or skiing is better activities? also i love seaweed also i bought some seaweed snacks the difference is it is more crunchy

  • Food Is good
    Food Is good

    When I eat something mushy I gag ALOT

  • The gay disappointment
    The gay disappointment

    Who loves roasted seaweed ✋😌

  • Diane Greene
    Diane Greene

    Looking in the mirror while brushing teeth significantly reduced my gagging. A tip from my dental hygienist.

  • DustyDeer

    Real Question!! When you perform CPR, is the chance of someone throwing up high? Or is it less common? I was told by someone who did cpr it happened and I genuinely would like to know! AlSo When you do CPR, can you do it without blowing into their mouth entirely?

  • Jenny Roosa
    Jenny Roosa

    Why ever get you as a doctor can I listen to music when I get a shot

  • Andreea Bratis
    Andreea Bratis

    Knowledge has never looked sexiest 👨‍⚕️❤

  • zxycth

    Mike why do I have soo much earwax

  • pineapple secrets
    pineapple secrets

    Pause the video at 5:53 if you have an AT&T phone and go to full-screen cross your eyes and you will see another guy with lighter skin and a green shirt :0

  • Matt Self
    Matt Self

    Why do you brush your teeth in the morning

  • Sofía Estrada
    Sofía Estrada

    Doctor Mike, can you please talk about Addison disease?

  • GalaxyWolf 17
    GalaxyWolf 17

    Why are our teeth super sensitive if they're technically bone?

  • nihalabdu

    I had a chest infection and my chest felt really tight why is that??

  • iiSavannaPlays

    I have a question: I've heard that doing squats is bad for your knees because it's putting pressure on the knees. Is that true?

  • Joseph A Cza
    Joseph A Cza

    8:05 Please don't talk to me with that voice again, don't you see I'm already in love?

  • Giff52

    Ménière’s disease can give you tinnitus i had a lot of ringing in my ear with dizziness before i was diagnosed

  • 5G JJBA trash
    5G JJBA trash

    I shower around 3 times a week and only wash my hair when i feel like i have to or im going somewhere. i have dyed hair so it doesnt get much greasy or anything. and since im used to not showering alot my body kinda makes sure i look presentable

  • eleanor~

    Before i would try and get up and couldnt move 😃

  • Buttercream TEP
    Buttercream TEP

    My brother always burns his marshmallow and now I’m going to show him this video